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Spring Home Tour

March 28, 2017

Spring has to be my absolute favorite time of year because of all the new-ness all around us. But you know what isn’t new? This snow. As I was decorating my home for spring I could literally hear a snow plow pushing snow off my street and that all too familiar scrape of shovel on the driveway. Not only do I need spring to come to thaw out the world around us but I am craving the warmth the sun brings into my body and mind. Going to the park with nothing on but sandals and a light sweater and jeans? Pure bliss!

I’ve been wanting to start decorating for spring since I packed up all the Christmas decorations in early January. It’s been all I could do to hold off until now. The best part about waiting is all the sales. It blows my mind that there are literally spring and easter things on sale in March.

My decorations from Michaels were all 40% and the best part is I bought nothing that’s truly seasonal! I plan to add everything I got on sale into my decor repertoire. These little moss rocks will likely be making all kinds of appearances over the next little while! Also that galvanized pail? I snagged it on sale for $20!

K, I’ll stop talking now. To the tour!

Spring Home Tour | Mommyzoid Spring Home Tour | Mommyzoid Spring Home Tour | MommyzoidSpring Home Tour | MommyzoidSpring Home Tour | Mommyzoid Spring Home Tour | MommyzoidSpring Home Tour | Mommyzoid Spring Home Tour | MommyzoidSpring Home Tour | Mommyzoid Spring Home Tour | Mommyzoid Spring Home Tour | Mommyzoid Spring Home Tour | Mommyzoid Spring Home Tour | MommyzoidSpring Home Tour | Mommyzoid

Spring Home Tour | Mommyzoid

Thanks so much for coming on a snoop around my house! I’m so glad I got to share my spring decor with you!

Here’are a few of the pieces from the tour:

Polka Dot Vase // Polka Dot Vase // Dining Room Chairs // Bee Glasses

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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DIY Bok Choy Stamps

March 17, 2017

Make your own DIY stamps with Baby Bok Choy ends before you toss them in the compost! 

Mother nature sure does make some beautiful things, doesn’t she? I was making dinner one night and I cut the ends off Baby Bok Choy and thought they would make the perfect shape of a rose if used as a stamp! No sooner were the dinner dishes cleared from the table and replaced by my paints. I was determined to make something pretty with these Bok Choy ends before tossing them in the compost.

Here’s what you’ll need:

I started by creating a background of Little Lamb and Little Speckled frog from fusions Tones for Tots line. Once that was dry, I painted my Bok Choy ends with a generous amount of Little Piggy and got to stamping. I re-coated my stamp between each time I used it so each flower was nice and full and stood off the page.

Once that was dry I hung it up on this nifty little picture hanger I made. I think it gives our living room the perfect pop of spring. Which we most certainly could use right about now, let me tell you!

Have you ever made stamps from vegetables or something unconventional? In grade school, I recall carving potatoes into stamps. It’s so much fun to create art using natural things. In this case, these were just going to be tossed in the compost. It’s such a fun project to do with kids, too! Happy stamping!


Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

PS: I was sent these paints as samples from Fusion Mineral Paint. Read my full disclosure policy here.

Baby, DIY

Desert Inspired Baby Nursery Revealed

December 14, 2016

Desert Inspired Baby Nursery | Mommyzoid

Currently, I’m 36 weeks pregnant and nearing the home stretch. I officially can’t put on my socks so I think it’s fair to say the baby’s nursery has reached a state of done-ness that I am happy with! My goal was to make this little boy’s room a desert-y oasis and I think I’ve succeeded.

The color of the room is really hard to describe. It’s a really light green and I love it, especially because it was the color the walls were when we moved in, so I didn’t even have to do anything! Most pictures it comes off as gray while some it looks like an off-white.

Desert Inspired Baby Nursery | Mommyzoid

I’m so in love with the Stokke Sleepi crib! We were just going to move Oliver into a big bed and give the baby his old crib, but we were also wanting to get a bassinet of sorts to have in our room. With a three story house, there’s no way in hell he’ll actually be up in this room anytime soon (read: I refuse to do the stairs 10 times a night) so the fact that the crib makes into this tiny little bassinet is perfect for putting in our room for the next few months. and the best part? It fits through the door without dis-assembling. I mean, seriously…someone was thinking. It also has wheels you can put on it so I’m thinking this little puppy will be wheeling from our bedroom to our living room on the daily.

Desert Inspired Baby Nursery | MommyzoidI made this cute little weaving for my little guy and I just love it. I keep worrying my peach is too pink but then I stop worrying because I LOVE the color and don’t really care if it’s too pink! My boys LOVE pink! Desert Inspired Baby Nursery | MommyzoidOriginally we had thought a white dresser would be best to match the white crib, but we ended up going with this cinnamon-cherry finish dresser from Walmart. I was having a really hard time deciding what dresser to get so my husband just ordered this one and I had no idea until it arrived at the door!

Desert Inspired Baby Nursery | Mommyzoid

I’m pretty obsessed with this DIY art! My husband cut up those wood rounds and glued them to these dollar store frames a few years ago. I decided they’d look good in the babies room with the addition of a little cactus friend! Desert Inspired Baby Nursery | Mommyzoid

I really love this wall organizer I found at Home Sense in their clearance section. It’s perfect for stashing diapers, swaddling blankets, and those odds and ends that seem to clutter the dresser! Desert Inspired Baby Nursery | Mommyzoid Desert Inspired Baby Nursery | MommyzoidDesert Inspired Baby Nursery | Mommyzoid Desert Inspired Baby Nursery | Mommyzoid

The changing station. Now, I bought this change pad for our first and used it maybe twice. I’ve changed more than two diapers in my life though. That means majority were done on the floor, on the bed, on portable change pads. Basically anywhere but on top of the pad that was bought specifically for this purpose. But it looks so cute here! and mostly I needed a special place to stash our cute little newborn cloth diapers.Desert Inspired Baby Nursery | Mommyzoid

This little scrappy garland has been living in different spaces in our home for the last several years. For now, it will live above the baby change table!
Desert Inspired Baby Nursery | Mommyzoid

This is a special little work of art Oliver did for his new baby brother. He was really proud to hang it in his brother’s room to help make him feel at home. We’ve been doing lots of little things like this to get Oliver feeling like he has an important part in making the baby feel at home. I really want Oliver to feel needed during this time. It’s little things like this that are building the relationship between the two of them before they’ve even met.

What do you think? Like the space? Do you think we’ll even spend any time in here once the baby arrives or do you think we’ll just stay in mom & dad’s bed 24/7?

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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DIY Barnboard Christmas Card Display

December 6, 2016


I love traditions, especially around the holiday season. Each year I save one of our Christmas cards that we sent out to family and friends so that we can pull them out each year and reminisce. When the kids are older I know this will be a tradition they cherish. My husband’s family had a similar tradition and I had the pleasure of witnessing the joy when the kids crowded around their mom on Christmas eve, laughing at the Christmas cards from years passed.


So I wanted to create a way to display this year’s Christmas card in a way that did the beauty of this card justice. You can do this DIY easily too, with only a few supplies. I had some scrap barn board left over from a project we did a few years ago. I also had these gold clipboard clips in my craft bin I found on sale at Michael’s ages ago. I knew the right project would come along for them!

DIY Barnboard Christmas Card Display

I didn’t sand the wood because I didn’t want to mess with the barn board aesthetic, but you can certainly sand and stain or paint your wood. I marked on the wood with a pencil where I wanted to nail the little nail. Then I used my hammer and nailed the little gold nail into the board and hand the gold clipboard clip on the nail. You could take this a step further and put a hook on the back so you can hang this piece up. I opted to lean it on my mantel.

Then all that was left was clipping up our Christmas card! The perfect way to display our family memories. Every time I glance at our Christmas card hanging  on the mantel I am instantly reminded of what an amazing year our family has had. Our custom Christmas cards came from Tiny Prints and were quick and easy to put together and look so professional! I love that Tinyprints will even address your envelopes for you. I don’t know about you but that’s my least favorite part of sending out Christmas cards because my handwriting is so sloppy and embarrassing!


Does your family have any traditions like this around the holiday season? Let me know in the comments. Also, make sure you’re following me on Instagram. I’d love to connect on there if we haven’t already.

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

PS: Tinyprints graciously sent us these Christmas cards for me to do this blog post. Read full disclosure policy here.


DIY Salt Dough Ornaments

November 28, 2016

DIY Salt Dough Ornaments | Mommyzoid

Kate Spade Vase 

Want to make som easy and cheap ornaments for your Christmas tree? This DIY is super simple and perfect if you need to whip up a bunch of ornaments. The ingredients are guaranteed to be found in your kitchen!

Salt Dough Recipe:
2 Cups All Purpose Flour
1/2 Cup Salt
3/4 Cup Warm Water

Knead dough until it’s well blended. Shape into whatever you want, whether it’s an ornament or whatever your heart desires!

300 Degrees F for one to one and a half hours or until hard. Your creation may plump up a bit in the oven, so you may choose to let them air dry instead if you want to keep them in the exact shape you’ve formed once they are complete. Salt dough does take between 2 and 7 days to firm up, depending on the size of project so chose what will make the most sense for you and your project.

If you follow this recipe and make your own salt dough ornaments this holiday season I’d love to see them! Make sure you’re following me on Instagram and tag me so I can see!


Stephanie @ Mommyzoid




Our Rustic Holiday Mantel

November 22, 2016

For the first time ever I have a real fireplace and mantel to decorate for the holidays. Even as a kid we never had one so forgive me if I’m a little over-excited to finally have a spot for Santa to enter into my home!


Berry Garland / Gold Pinecone Ornament

Before I hauled up my Christmas totes to the living room from the storage room, I had already begun dreaming of how I wanted the mantel to look. I was going to go for a vintagey pink and gold vibe for the holidays but once I opened everything up and saw all my red and gold Christmas balls (see how we made those gold balls here), all bets were off. I just can’t resist red when it comes to Christmas time and decorating. It’s about the only time of year I’d actually decorate with the bold color, so I just go a little crazy.


Vase – Kate Spade

I just adore the rustic touches of wood like our wood round picture my husband made, the faux-bark candle and the sparkley gold pinecone garland! This isn’t a far departure from how I would decorate our home for any other season, except with the addition of gold and red. I’m not too into Santa motifs and if I did go that route it would be vintage santas. I also love that we kept our model of the Bluenose II (now what’s more Canadian than that?) on the mantel. I am going to try and find a tiny tree for the schooner.


Model of Bluenose II Schooner

You can see our mantel featured over on Wayfair along with some other fabulous bloggers! How are you planning to decorate your mantel this holiday season? If you don’t have a mantel, do you have another space in your home that is like a mantel, like a bookshelf or credenza?

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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Bring Outside In This Autumn | Decor Inspiration

September 21, 2016

As much as I love summer months, I crave the crisp autumn air. If I could just bottle “fall” and spray it all over my home, I would.

I love the colors of autumn, the temperature, the wardrobe choices… it’s all great.

Since moving into our new house in the spring, I really haven’t done anything decor wise. I really just wanted to live in the space and get to know it over time before painting and making any big purchases. Plus I had no time or energy with this human growing inside me.

But now I’m ready. Bring on Autumn!

Here are 4 ways I’m bringing the outside in this season:

Craft Pumpkins

These craft pumpkins are by far the easiest thing you can do to take your home from summer to autumn. The best part is they aren’t too Halloween-y so they can stay up well into November. I love them on my mantle!

Decorating with craft pumpkins amp up the Fall vibe in an instant | Mommyzoid


Ornamental Grass

I was weeding my garden and these lovely ornamental grasses  were overgrown and hanging down into the sidewalk. Instead of just throwing them in the compost I trimmed them up and put them in a vase on the mantle beside even more craft pumpkins! I love the fall vibe the grass gives off. It reminds me of a corn maze.


Ornamental grass and craft pumpkins make great decor ideas for the mantle this fall | Mommyzoid



I have a confession. I can’t even keep succulents alive. But this little guy seems to be pulling through! I’m so proud. To show him off a put him in the center of the dining room table on top of a wood round my husband cut (and we used for our wedding) and a horn my husband found! the succulent, the horn and the wood really play off each other well and make such a simple centerpiece that we are loving. If you can’t keep a succulent alive, a pot of faux succulents might be just what you need!

Succulents, horns, and wood rounds | Mommyzoid


Drift Wood

I’ve recently gotten into weaving and am exploring the different ways to hanging my pieces on the wall. For this piece I chose driftwood and I think it looks great. I love the white washed look of driftwood and would love to see more if it around my home. If I didn’t have such a curious little one running around I would love to put a large piece of driftwood in front of my fireplace, but in our house that’s just asking for trouble!

Weaving with wool on a loom | Mommyzoid

Would you try any of these in your home this autumn? Let me know in the comments or hop on to Instagram and let me know!

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid


Kate Spade-Inspired ModPodge Mugs – #12MonthsofDIY

May 25, 2016

Kate Spade-Inspired ModPodge Mugs - #12MonthsofDIY

This months challenge item was ModPodge and I literally had no idea what I was going to do. Until I saw ModPodge makes a waterproof version. Then it hit my like a tonne of bricks! Kate Spade Inspired Mugs!

I’ve been having a heck of a time trying to find mugs that I like enough to have a whole set of them. I’m kind of tired of having a bunch of different mugs that don’t match. Recently we were given a Kate Spade bowl set as a house warming gift and I’ve been in love with the color scheme ever since I laid eyes on them but couldn’t find any mugs similar. Time to DIY!


I went to the dollar store and picked up these mugs for $1.50 each. I also found some tissue paper in the same color as my bowls. Then I picked up some polka dot scrapbooking paper. I was hoping to find polka dot tissue paper but no luck. I was nervous the scrapbooking paper would be too thick.

I cut the tissue paper and scrapbooking paper into squares of varying sizes. I started with the polka dot paper and made sure it was nicely coated on either side with the waterproof ModPodge. I used a sponge brush because that’s what I had on hand. Then I made sure the mug was nice and coated with the ModPodge as well. Then I stuck the paper on and used the brush to smooth it out and make sure it was secure. Then I layered on the tissue paper, not really following any rhyme or reason.


Once I was finished I let it dry overnight and then did three more rounds of painting on the ModPodge and then letting it dry over night. You want to make sure there is a good seal.

and voila!

Now it’s time to see the rest of the DIY Mod Podge project ideas from my Canadian blogging friends!


From the top left, they are:

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Kate Spade-Inspired Mug from Mommyzoid

Window Map Art from New House New Home


Outdoor Living

May 9, 2016

Hands down the best part of our new house is our back patio. It’s so perfect for us. There is no grass to cut but there is enough space for Oliver to play, for some patio furniture and some plants. We were pretty excited to finally have some private outdoor living space to call our own. That’s why our priority is getting our outdoor living space functional and ready for the summer! (If it ever arrives, that is!)

Here’s what it looked like when we moved in:

Outdoor Living | Mommyzoid

I know it looks really barren and scrubby now but trust me, in a few weeks it will start to turn green and fill in a bit more.

Outdoor Living | Mommyzoid

Right now there’s a lot of nothing on the hill. We are planning to let this year be the year we let it grow and see what goes where. Kind of assess the lay of the land. Once things start to sprout up we want to start planting some succulents and some veggies. I don’t want to do rows like a regular veggie garden though. I want to plant Kale and Swiss Chard like they are plants. I mean they do look like shrubs, right? I really want to have a garden that doesn’t just look nice but has a purpose. We will see how it goes!

Outdoor Living | Mommyzoid

Outdoor Living | Mommyzoid

Here is a sneak peek of the patio set we picked up on the weekend. You’ll have to wait a little bit longer for a full reveal. There are a few more finishing touches to be done to the space before you can see the whole thing.


New Home – The “Must-Do” List

May 2, 2016


We did it! We are officially all moved into our new home and what a relief. We still have a few more boxes left to unpack before we are completely settled. But it’s starting to feel like home, slowly but surely.

Our new home is 12 years old so there isn’t much to do in terms of renovations. The only things we plan to change are esthetics. My priorities are light fixtures, bathroom mirrors, and painting. The mid-nineties had some interesting design elements. The colors that were used to paint the bathrooms were the same colors my parents painted our childhood home in ’93. So it’s time for an update.

Here are a few of the things we plan to change ASAP:front-door-paintThis margarita pistachio bile green is at the top of my list. I think the former owners loved to vacation down south because the Mexico vibe is real in this entry way. The terracotta-esque tiles are also on the to-do list but likely not until the summer or fall. You can also see in the powder room is some lovely (not) butter-yellow paint which I can’t wait to cover up. master-bedroom-fan-paint

This golden yellow is in the master bedroom and it sucks. Nothing we own matches it. I want to paint it ASAP but have no sweet clue what color. As long as it’s not this color I’ll be happy! The ceiling fan is also on the chopping block. I can appreciate the practicality of a ceiling fan with 12-foot ceilings but I really don’t want to lay in bed and stare at that thing.

This is the view from the Living room. As you can see that lovely butter yellow make another appearance up on the mezzanine. You also can see that margarita green in the foyer from here. Also, that dining room light. Switching that up will really make the space more suited to our taste. I’m thinking something industrial with some Edison bulbs.

Now that we are in our new home you’ll be sure to see lots of posts about the transformation our home is sure to make over the coming months. Make sure you’re following me over on Instagram for all the latest updates!

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid