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Create an Inspiring Home Office

Create an Inspiring Home Office That Screams #MOMBOSS!

One of the greatest things about working from a home office is the freedom and flexibility to work from a space that inspires you. Whether you need tunes to set the mood or you love a nice scented candle, you are free to surround yourself with those items that ignite that flame of motivation (pun intended).

My home office is still in the works. The previous owners of our new house used the space as a storage room, likely because of the unfinished floors, lack of windows and slanted roof that goes down to 1 ft at it’s lowest. But when I walked into this space I knew I’d make it my own and it would be perfect!

Here’s my home office must-haves:

Fur Rugs

What office can you have a white fur rug under your desk? One that you’re wearing slippers in, that’s what! Nothing says comfort to me like having my feet on a nice warm rug while I’m working away! This white fur rug from Wayfair speaks to me!

White Fur Area rug for home office

Diffusers or Candles

Most offices and workplaces are scent aware or scent free and I’ve always respected that rule. But when I’m at home I love to surround myself with natural fragrances that make me happy and productive, and what better way to set the tone of your work day than with some essential oil blends that motivate you and make you feel your best? I use this diffuser from Saje and love the way it fills the room with scent without being overpowering!

use a diffuser with essential oils to create the perfect home office vibe


Inspiring Wall Art

Take some care in selecting images that inspire you and make you want to be in your office. Staring at blank walls is no fun. This is your own space, after all. There’s no building committee to tell you they don’t like your artwork! Rifle Paper Co is my go to for inspiring art prints. PRO TIP: greeting cards and gift wrap can be framed in white dollar store frames to make a cheap and easy piece of art for your wall!

Inspirational art for your home office


Fancy Boss Chair

A comfy chair is key. I mean, you have to try and keep your butt in it for several hours at a time… it better be comfy. And cute doesn’t hurt. This green vegan leather chair with GOLD details from Wayfair is the ultimate boss chair! Just take my money, already! I need this chair in my life. Remember to think about ergonomics when selecting your office chair.

Green Vegan Leather and Gold Office Chair - The ultimate #MOMBOSS chair!


When you work in an office building, the lighting can be so draining. Well guess what: you can make your space perfectly well lit to suit your needs! I love something like this flush mount light where it serves a purpose but is still cute. This light will give that great broad lighting to fill the room and you can still have a great lamp or some task lighting at your work-space.

Flush Mount Lighting for Home Office


I’m a huge fan of storage that can hide the stuff you want it to hide and show up those pieces that deserve to be shown off. This Ikea cabinet is a perfect combo piece and the bonus is that it doesn’t have much of a footprint! Perfect for smaller spaces.

Ikea storage cabinet to store all your home office essentials

What are your must-haves for your home office? What makes you come alive and inspire you to get your work done each day? Let me know in the comments!

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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