Your Periscope Questions Answered

Your periscope Questions Answered by Stephanie from Mommyzoid

After my blog post a few weeks ago titled “Periscope Will Change The Way You Blog“, I received a bunch of emails and comments from readers asking some really great questions! I want to address those here and add a few tips I’ve learned over the last few weeks.

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Can ‘scoping too often hurt your brand? MOST DEFINITELY. I follow a few bloggers that when I see the alert pop up on my phone that says they are live, I drop what I’m doing and watch them. But there are others that when I see their name pop up I think, “AGAIN!?”. If you aren’t ‘scoping every other hour it becomes more special for your viewers to see you. They want to engage with you and interact with you live rather than catch you on the replay.

How can I save my videos so they don’t disappear after 24 hours? What makes Periscope unique is the ability to broadcast live and be candid. You can capture some really wonderful live interactions with viewers, too! But when you want your footage to last longer than 24 hours, what’s a blogger to do! Head to and link your Periscope account by signing in with the Twitter account associated with your account. will capture all those wonderful ‘scopes and keep them all in one spot where you can re-watch them, download and even embed them into your blog! In the Periscope app you also have the option to save your ‘scopes to your phone. That’s going to start taking up a lot of space though so I use the solution instead.

What’s the best time to ‘scope? I began with broadcasts in the AM because that’s when I had the most free time, (plus I was all dressed and my hair and makeup was done for work!) but where I am on the east coast and in EST time, not many people are up and able to watch live so there wasn’t much interaction with viewers. Once I started doing them at night I noticed that there were triple the amount of viewers, more hearts and people were engaging and asking questions. You need to play around with the time and see what works for you!

What do I talk about? There’s a fabulous group on Periscope called #October Scopers which was started by Julie from Girl On The Move & Lauren from Working Mom Magic who all scope using the #OctoberScopers hashtag. Each day there is a different prompt which can help you come up with an idea of something to talk about and get those creative juices flowing. It’s a great opportunity to meet other Periscopers and start increasing those ever important hearts! <3

October Scopers on Periscope #OctoberScopers

If I could give just one piece of advice it would be this: from a branding perspective make your user name the title of your brand or company. Then in the section for your name make it your name @ your blog name. Here’s a screen capture of my Periscope profile page so you can see what I mean:

Profile page from Periscope

Comment below with any questions you want answered! This may just need to become a regular thing. Periscope is constantly evolving as it expands and grows

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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