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Photography, Florals & Friendship

Photography, Florals and Friendship | Mommyzoid

I’ll be honest with you, blogging is a pretty solitary hobby. Which, for me, is one of the main draws. It’s something I can do once the kids are asleep or in small pockets of time throughout the day. It’s how I unwind. But when you have the opportunity to connect with other bloggers in your local community, what was once lonely becomes extremely validating and energizing.

Here in Halifax, a group of bloggers decided to band together and create a space online to meet, chat, ask questions and compare notes. We were all off in our own pockets of the web creating and finding our way, and realized we would be much better off if we to bounced ideas off of each other and helped each other out. Basically, if blogging was a 9-5 office job, this place was our lunch room.

The girls that manage ECM Media have set out to help build us all up, because when one of us succeeds, we all succeed. They organized a Photography & Florals workshop for us to attend in the heart of the North End of Halifax at Dean’s Flowers. Holly from Dean’s Flowers invited us into the studio space and taught as all how to put together a simple flower arrangement. I’m a little clueless when it comes to flower arrangements and I usually just cut off the ends on an angle and stick ’em in a jug of water and call it a day. Did you know florists use this special waterproof tape and make a grid on the top of the vase so each step stays put? I had no idea. This was a genius tip! Dean’s Flowers has been in business since 1919, so I’d say they know a thing or two about flowers!

Photography, Florals and Friendship | Mommyzoid

Thanks to Fujifilm, we were lucky enough to have Matt Corkum of Fade to White Photography come and teach us some tips and tricks on photographing our arrangements, although the principles he taught can be used no matter what you’re photographing. Matt teaches photography at Nova Scotia Community College, which is the same college I studied Radio & Television. The principles used to light a set in TV and light a subject for photography are the same, but he taught us some neat trade secrets for lighting for photography that you couldn’t get away with on TV, like for instance when doing a headshot, the light is extremely close to the subjects face, like right outside the frame!

Another big takeaway for me was getting the settings on my camera right and lighting the subject well when you’re taking the photo instead of trying to fix it in an editing software. I love my photos to look as natural and close to real life as possible, so this is really important for my work.

Photography, Florals and Friendship | Mommyzoid

Matt gave us a little tour of the kind of basic gear that will make our lives easier as bloggers, like this collapsible 5-in-1 reflector disc for bouncing a little light onto the subject. He also showed us the new Fujifilm X-A3 camera! It’s an awesome camera at a really affordable price point. I love the vintage look of it and bonus, it comes in a pink option! HOW CUTE!

The biggest thing I took away from this workshop is how important it is to have a community, no matter what your industry! Being around people who just “get” you is so important. You know you’re in a safe place when you can take a selfie with a Gerber Daisy and you won’t be judged because you look around and everyone else is doing the same thing! I love this little community and I am so thankful to have it. Big things are happening here on the east coast of Canada.

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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  • curtainsareopen

    “You know you’re in a safe place when you can take a selfie with a Gerber Daisy and you won’t be judged because you look around and everyone else is doing the same thing!” Hahahahahah…best line ever!!! Great post…I do love our community.