How Periscope Will Change The Way You Blog

How Periscope Will Change The Way You Blog

Periscope came on the scene and like that, we have just another social network to maintain!

But don’t be scared. Unlike trying to keep up with Facebook’s algorithms and try and beat the system, Periscope is more fun than it is work. And you know what, I think it’s here to stay. Just like brands weren’t sure Instagram was worth it to them, Periscope is turning out the same way. A few months ago when they launched I thought it seemed cool but was a little weary that it’d become one of those countless other social networks and I didn’t want to put in any effort in if it wasn’t going to be around too long.

So why is it so awesome you ask?

  1. I can broadcast LIVE from my living room. That might not seem like your idea of a good time but it is mine! A few years ago I was into making YouTube videos and was dead set on becoming a beauty guru but what stopped me (other than my lack of beauty skills/money to spend on make up and clothes) was the editing of videos for YouTube. I don’t know about you but when I am given the chance to edit something, it will NEVER be perfect. I think my perfectionism got in the way of just having fun. With Periscope you go live and there’s no chance to do a do-over, unless you delete your video (which auto-deletes after 24 hours anyway).
  2. I can connect with viewers/blog readers in a very intimate way. Sure, I share some personal stuff on my blog but being able to SHOW you my life is so super personal. I’ve been able to get to know some of my favorite bloggers on Periscope and it’s so cool to get a sneak peak into their lives. You feel apart of some super elite club. I’ve noticed brands are doing product reveals, celebrity’s are doing Q&As and even last night I watched a parade in Disney World. It’s a very different way to connect with viewers/readers and it’s really catching on quickly!
  3. Blog posts take TIME but Periscope broadcasts are QUICK! If you have a topic in mind, write down a few points you plan to hit on, hit record and you’re good to go! Viewers will ask questions — acknowledge them! Unless they are creeps in which case just block them.
  4. No matter your niche, it’s a great way to show your work. If you’re a food blogger it’s a perfect platform to show how to cook something (hello, cooking show!!!) or do a grocery haul. If you are a DIYer you can do reveals, show your work in progress or do a home tour!
  5. Periscope compliments my blog posts really well. So once you’ve finished a blog post, hop on Periscope and give a little peek at the post. JUST A PEEK. If you give it all away they have nothing to go see it for. Be creative with how you entice your viewers to hop over to the blog!

I think the most important thing to remember when using Periscope is to have fun! Be authentically you and it will shine through. Now go follow me and I’ll follow you back and we can be Periscope pals, sound good?

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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  • I’ve been thinking about trying out Periscope, but have been hesitant! This post gave me the push I need, so thanks! I’ll be sure to follow you once I get it set up later today! Have a great weekend!

    • Stephanie McDougall

      Yay! Great to hear, Patty! Let me know your name once you’re on there! Don’t be nervous. I bet you’ll get addicted! Worst case scenario shut it off and delete it and carry on hahaha! I’ve had to do that before! <3


  • Renee

    What do you periscope about compared to write about?! any tips for making good videos? I’m interested in trying it but nervous to put myself out there on CAMERA!

    • Stephanie McDougall

      Great questions!!!
      I will address these in another post next week but I tend to show more of my day to day life. I found a great hashtag called #septemberscopers and they give a prompt for each day so that gives you an idea and some inspiration as to what to chat about on that day! That’s a great starting point! If you put the hashtag in your profile bio other #septemberscopers will find you!

      The number one best tip is to answer the questions and say hello to the people who are talking to you on the ‘scope! That’s the fun of Periscope is you can do a live Q & A.

      HAVE FUN WITH IT! It seems scary at first but after a while you’ll feel more comfortable! <3 Promise!


  • Kirsten

    I completely agree with you! I am slowly becoming a Periscope convert and in my niche of blogging (family travel) I can see this being very useful. I can’t wait to use it on our next vacation!

  • I had no idea how to use Periscope, thank you so much! I am so excited to get started 🙂

    Wanted you to know you are one of our features this coming weekend on Weekend Wind Down Link Party; come check it out on Friday and link up another awesome post!

    Britni from Happy Mama Tales

  • I only use Periscope once per week as a preview for my “Brunch with Blake” YouTube videos. However, there are so many active users who are scoping too often, which may not be helping their brand, your thoughts.

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  • Rebecca Diemer-Mclellan

    I’ve heard about Periscope but not tried it. But your post makes me want to go check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  • Classically Blonde

    I didn’t even know what Periscope was till this post. Thanks for keeping me updated! Time do some Google research….

  • I’m sooooo scared of Periscope. Even though your post makes it sound so enticing… I’m just wary of live broadcasting. I never liked doing vlogs, I couldn’t imagine this feeling any different.

    You shared some interesting information here… lots to consider.

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the #SHINEbloghop).

    Wishing you a lovely day.

  • It’s taking me a while to adopt Periscope – I’m following folks and have watched two scopes but other demands on my time have meant that I have yet to actually do a scope. I’m working on it though! Thank you for the tips – and the encouragement! Thank you for sharing this post with us at Hearth and Soul!