8 Ways You Can Make Money From Home

8 ways you can make money from home | Mommyzoid

Most women with small children have this thought. Can I make it work? Could We do this, financially? For some the thought is fleeting. They don’t think it’s for them, they don’t think they could do it, or they aren’t sure it’s possible. But I’m here to tell you there are countless ways you can make money from home. & they aren’t even sleazy!

It all comes down to examining your skill set. What do you do in your existing day job or what did you do before you had kids? Write it down. Maybe you’re wicked on social media, you have a knack for organizing, or you have a hidden talent for graphic design. Write it all down. Now examine that list.

Here is a list of legit ways to make money from home. When reading them try to think about your skill set and see if you have any of these that can transfer over into a lucrative home business.

Home Daycare

Maybe you were a teacher or maybe you worked in a daycare before you had kids of your own. Starting an at home daycare can be a great way to stay home with your own kids in order to save money on childcare costs while still bringing in a few other kids to make some extra money. If you do already have kids of your own you likely have a good lot of toys and things to occupy their time. But taking care of kids is not easy work, as any mom knows. You definitely have to be a certain kind of person to have an in home daycare.

Skills Required: Patience, a love for kids and great organizational skills.

Multi Level Marketing

There are so many different types of companies out there that let women flex their entrepreneurial skills in a safe environment with limited risks to you and your family. Each company is set up differently but generally you make a small investment to give you what you need to start whether that’s access to your own personalized website, some stock to use for home parties, and other marketing materials. Types of products that are being sold through this type of business structure are essential oils like Young Living, hair products like Monat, jewelry like Stella & Dot, nail wraps like Jamberry, food & cook ware like Epicure, makeup, weight loss shakes, clothing and so much more! If this style of business venture appeals to you, there’s a company out there that sells products you’re already passionate about.

Skills Required: Motivation and the ability to work it, whether that’s by hosting home parties or sharing your wares on social media.


There are as many different types of blogs as there are people and you can be very successful with sharing what you know via an online platform like a blog. Whether your passion is golf, yoga, or DIYs, you can start a blog about it. Money can be made from placing ads, selling via affiliate links, or through sponsored posts.

Skills Required: A knowledge of whatever you’re passionate about and the technical skills to manage your website successfully.


Whether you love to knit to pass the time or you’ve started sewing cloth diapers for your own kids, there is a market for what you’re selling. With online marketplaces like Etsy, you can easily market and sell your products online from the safety of your home. The best part about selling using a company like Etsy is the security with their payment system. You do pay a small fee to list your products and if I recall correctly there is a percentage of the sale that goes to Etsy, but the rest is yours. As a Canadian I found shipping to be challenging for getting my business off the ground, for example I sold a piece I made for $25 and shipping was $12 with tracking. Something to be mindful of when setting your prices. Another way to sell is on local Facebook groups that cater to buying and selling crafts or whatever your particular item is you are selling. There are often local craft fairs that cater toward moms that are always a big hit, especially in my region.

Skills Required: A knack for the arts and crafts, or whatever it is your are creating.

Fitness Instructor/Yoga Teacher

Whether it’s one-on-one personal training or group fitness classes, people are always looking to get their bodies whipped into shape. With social media it’s even easier to market a healthy lifestyle and recruit folks to take classes from you. I know girls who have taught weight-lifting classes out of their garage and have been extremely successful. I also know some instructors use the warmer months to their advantage and host yoga at the park. A little creativity can go a long way.

Skills Required: Proper certification is obviously a must!

Virtual Assistant

Whether you’re helping with email organization, scheduling appointments, or updating databases, these are tasks business don’t want to hire an extra full-time person to do. They are also tasks that entrepreneurs don’t want to be spending their time doing and also tasks you can do from the comfort of your home.

Skills Required: Organization, administrative, good communication, efficient, and independent.

Pre-made Meals

Whether frozen or fresh, I would love to have the option of not cooking a couple of nights a week, but still know my family is getting the healthiest food possible. There’s a girl in my area who has a set menu for the week and you schedule ahead of time what nights you’ll be stopping to buy dinner and she has it ready for you. Doesn’t that sound like a dream come true, or what?

Skills Required: A good cook and the skills to market yourself.

Cake Maker

Are you everyone’s go-to for cakes and sweets? It’s hard to say no to a perfectly iced cupcake, and if you have the skills, people will pay top dollar! For our wedding we actually went on a local buy & sell to find someone to make our cupcakes. Because she didn’t have to pay the overhead of having a store front, she was able to charge quite a bit less than any local bakery.

Skills Required: A good baker and the skills to market yourself.

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