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Toddle Boy Fall Fashion

Slim Fit Jeans – Gap // Wolf Pullover – Gap // Quilted Shirt Jacket – Gap // Grey Mocs – Minimoc // Grey Beanie – Gap

Who says mommas of boys can’t have fun dressing their little dudes. Don’t get me wrong the fashion for boys can be bleek but you’ve got to just hunt for the cute ‘n’ stylish stuff. Little girls stuff is served up on an adorable little platter with matching hair-bands and mommy-and-me jewellery. ugh. I digress.. I adore shopping for my son. I dress him like his a miniature version of my husband (whom I adore) so we have lots of fun. I also don’t like to stick to traditional “boy” clothes. As in he definitely rocks the purple and teal unicorn tights I got him at Target. His gold Minimocs turn heads and always get lots of compliments. When you’re a foot and a half tall, you can rock anything. & I’m not about to let some arbitrary gender bias’ determine what my son can and can’t wear. But that’s a rant for another day!
I’m diggin’ the neutrals this fall in toddler boy fashion! I like to add splashes of colour with bright tees but keep the sweaters and jackets neutral and basic. It makes things easy to pair in the morning for daycare. I also have a heck of a time getting jeans that fit his giant fluffy cloth diaper butt but aren’t as wide as tree trunks at the ankle. I am in love with these little light wash denim pants and have been dieing for the weather to chill out a bit so he can wear them. He looks so cute in them toddling around in his little velcro high tops! /swoon

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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  • Cailen

    Loving black/grey/cream on my little boy. I am less adventurous with colour, adding in blues and greens and reds.