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How We Make Out Of Town Business Work For Our Family

How We Make Out Of Town Business Work For Our Family I’ve been on the road for work a lot lately and it’s been such an adjustment for the whole family. I think it’s weirdest for my husband, oddly enough. He’s in the military so it’s usually him packing his big stupid green bag and heading down to the big stupid boats and going away for a stupid amount of time. So when it’s me packing my bags and hitting the road, I think he can’t help but be a little bit sad!     I thought I’d share some of the ways we make it wall work. It’s not easy having parents who travel for work and the goal is to make it as smooth as possible for our little one.  Google Hangouts! But not too much! Our son is 16 months so he doesn’t quite understand why one of us is in the computer and why we can’t play with him. We tend to limit the time we chat to about 15 minutes where he smiles and says “MAW MAW” and signs mom. It can just be too much for him so we like to limit it. When I’m away I always have internet access at the hotel in the evenings so we like to do a Hangout at dinner time so it feels like I’m there and he’s distracted by food.  Family time before & after. The few days leading up to one of us leaving and the few days following are jam packed with family time. We go to the park, we go on an adventure, we go to the swimming pool… we cram as much family time in as we can. Making those memories are so important. They help us all get through the hard times. Have empathy for each other. My husband and I both go away for work some times so we have both been on either side so it’s really easy to understand what the other is going through. When I’m lonely and miss my family when I’m alone in a hotel room I remind myself how tired and overwhelmed I felt when my husband was away to sea. I can understand how he might be feeling and that is so important. Keep routines. We are pretty rigid when it comes to our routines – it’s so important for us, especially when one of us is away. If we stick to our routines it will be less of a shock for our little guy. I’m the worst when it comes to breaking routines when Daddy’s away, though! I love to bring Oliver in bed with me as soon as he makes a peep where Dad is pretty good about getting him back to sleep in his own bed. Be flexible. Although routines are a god send, being flexible and understanding that things will go back to normal once the other parent is home is so important. I’m not hard on myself when I end up bringing Ollie to bed with me. It’s not going to have long term damage to our sleep if we share some well deserved cuddles! I tend to be hard on myself about breaking routines but most of the time it’s out of necessity.      

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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  • Tiffany at The House Down the

    Hi, Stephanie ~ Great tips! My husband travels a little bit for work, but it’s usually fun stuff {like golf or fishing trips}. Sometimes, I get a little resentful, but one of these years I’m going to go to a bloggers conference, so that he can experience that side of things. :0) Thanks for sharing with us at the Merry Monday Link Party! Hope to see you again on Sunday night!

  • Kristy Boxberger

    I used to travel all the time for work. These tips are right on, especially the keeping the routine tip.