2 Years Sober

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2 years ago today I took my last drink. My last sip of red wine. Two days later I took a pregnancy test and it was 100% positive! The next 9 months I didn’t drink because I was carrying our unborn son. But during those months I did a lot of soul searching. That 9 months of sobriety made me realize so many things about myself and what I wanted for my life and for my unborn son.

I don’t share these things to be preachy or tell you that alcohol is the root of all evil. But in my world alcohol truly has been the root of all evil. You can read more about that here.

I’m sharing my milestone today to show that it’s possible to make lasting lifestyle changes. Changes that you can look back on and be so insanely proud of whether it’s fitness, financial or what have you.

Whenever I meet a challenge in life I always remind myself that I’ve been through some battles both physically (giving birth) and mentally (staying sober) and that basically I can get through ANYTHING if I want it bad enough.

My birthday is the day I was born but it’s also the day I was re-born.

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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