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Download These Apps Now to Organize Your Life + Save Your Sanity

I feel like I’m constantly on the hunt for the best apps to help organize my life. There’s literally an app for everything you need and even an app for the things you didn’t think you needed. Since I received my diagnosis of adult ADHD, I have been searching out the best apps to help me stay on track and remember the playdate schedule, our meal plans and even when to take my medications…the list goes on. Basically, my phone is my lifeline!

Here are the apps I use every single day to help keep me focused and organized. It’s easy for me to forget to remember, which has been something I’ve struggled with my whole life:

You can read more about my ADHD diagnosis here.


I can usually keep track of my medications without an alarm or an app, but why I chose to start using an app to track my medications was the ability to enter how many pills I have and then the app reminds me when I reach a predetermined threshold to make a doctors appointment or call in a renewal. I also have the ability to track any side effects and make all kinds of notes. This app also has the ability to add other people and their medications (maybe your spouse or your kids) as well as gives you the option of adding a Medfriend which is someone who will also get the alerts when you’ve missed a dose and can help remind you to take your medication.


A simple journal-like app that I use to help stop and reflect on my life. I’ve found it really has helped me stop and look on the bright side and really see the positive in situations that I previously would have been upset by. The app is based on the notion that positive focus = happier and more motivated. It includes really great prompts to help you get started and you can save all your entries so you can go back and read them.


I use HabitHub to help keep me on track with my healthy habits. If you’re working towards a goal or wanting to make a healthy lifestyle choice become a routine, this app is a great tool for helping keep track of those positive choices. You can organize your habits according to different aspects of your life, for example, relationships, health, work, family, etc. You can set reminders for your habits so you get a little alert. At the end of the day, I get a little reminder to check in my habits and make sure I’ve checked them off if I’ve done them that day.


I got myself a FitBit after my first son was born because I really wanted to motivate myself to reach my step goal every day. What I didn’t expect was the motivation I would find in the Challenge groups. FitBit has several challenges you can invite your friends to join you on. I find I am much more likely to go out for a run or take the kids for a walk when there’s the added element of competition!

TD MySpend

Do you remember the good old days when you would take a bill to the bank to pay it? Now that I have all my monthly bills and transactions automated, I find I don’t watch my transactions the way I once did, which is one way to slowly spiral into debt. I use the regular TD Banking App to manage my accounts but I also use the TD MySpend App to track my transaction. I get an alert on my phone within seconds of a transaction, which I have found to be super helpful with helping me track my spending and be more mindful with my debit card. It almost harkens back to the days of using cash when you’d actually physically see and feel the money leaving you.

Keep by Google

Like a notepad but way better. You can quickly jot down a note, write a to-do list, draw a picture, record a quick audio note or even capture a picture. I think of it kind of like my digital notebook. I can keep all kinds of records or notes and access them from my computer or on my phone while I’m out and about. I can even “add a collaborator” so my husband and I can have a running shopping list on the go or even a place to share funny memes or videos!


I started using this app toward the end of my pregnancy to try and meditate. I love the guided meditations! They help me fall asleep when I’m having trouble doing so on my own. I have a reminder set for 12:00 noon every single day (usually the kids have just gone down for naps at this time) and that’s my reminder for some me time. I throw on a guided meditation or just listen to one of the pre-loaded background soundtracks like rain on a tin roof or ocean waves and I just take a little quiet time for myself and really concentrate on my breathing. It’s amazing what a few moments of quiet can do for your mood and energy level for the rest of the day! Meditating feels weird at first but I promise if you stick with it, you’ll come to look forward to it.

Calendar by Google

I have a Google phone so my user experience with the Google apps might be a little different than if you aren’t on a Google operating system. Basically, this Calendar saves my butt constantly. My husband and I created a calendar together and sat down and plugged all our withdrawals, deposits, and contributions into the calendar and their amounts. We also color coded them so we knew whose account the money was set to come out of. It was a lot of work up front but now I’m able to quickly glance at my calendar when I have a question. It’s these sort of little details that I’ve never been able to remember, so instead of wasting my brain power on trying to remember these things, I outsource it to the Google calendar!

I wish there was one super app that could just help me do everything. I guess that would be my own robot, huh? Do you use any of these regularly? Did you discover some new ones?

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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