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My Baby Starts School + Looks Cool in Reflective Gear!

[This blog post has been sponsored by Zapped Outfitters, although opinions expressed are still mine. View my complete disclosure policy for more information.]

And just like that, my first born baby is off to big kid school and he’s beyond ready for the exciting new challenges ahead of him! The first few weeks have gone really well for him and he’s digging the independence. He doesn’t have me to help him get his shoes off in the morning, hang up his jacket, and put away his backpack — it’s all on him!

We are trying to walk home from school together as much as possible and as the days start to get darker earlier and the sun turns to grey cloudy skies, we’ll be switching out shorts and runners for reflective water resistant gear. Enter Zapped Gear — I seriously never thought a waterproof backpack with built-in reflective designs could look so cool! You really don’t have to sacrifice style for safety anymore, you guys.

At first, I thought the designs were glow-in-the-dark but they are actually Zapped Outfitters custom designed fabric embedded with glass beads that reflect light at night. So think a car’s headlights driving down the road and bouncing off the material and showing off this super cool hi-vis design:

The best part about this brand is that they are CANADIAN! and to top it all off, they are based out of a cute little village in the Kootenays in BC where I spent many of my childhood summers hanging out. The mom wh0 started Zapped Outfitters (she’s got an 11-year-old, btw) is no stranger to the outdoor active wear scene. She’s been designing products for brands like Under Armor, Columbia, and Marmot, so its no wonder she decided to create the first fully reflective line of kids essentials!

He loves how stylin’ his new big kid backpack is and I love how safe he’ll be!

Head over to Zapped Outfitters and snag your little one some goodies with my 20% off code!! Use code MOMMYZOID20 at checkout!

Wait until you see their jackets and shoes! eeee! I can’t wait until Oliver gets a little bigger and can get into those high-tops. Don’t let the laces fool you though, these shoes are easy on! Can I just say how glad I am Zapped Outfitters has come on the scene!?


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