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Universal Child Care Benefit – Vote Buying?

Universal Child Care Benefit - Vote Buying? | Mommyzoid

Canadian families all across our great land are waking up to inflated bank accounts this week, thanks to the federal government of Canada. But I’m really worried. I’m worried the federal Conservative government is using the parents who need this money the most to buy some votes.

What would I like to see? A national childcare program so women can financially justify their return to work. Now that would be money well spent! It’s hard for a mom to justify forking over apx. $1600 a month for childcare for two kids when she would gladly take care of them her self!

So the Harper government is clearly trying to swindle us families by giving us some money. Heck, us Canadian families deserve that money. But we also deserve to have a national childcare plan. That would be super sweet.

And if you do the math, cheaper childcare vs cheques from the government end up saving more families more money in the long run.

This fall I urge you to exercise your right to vote and research the issues that matter most to parents, families & kids.

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid


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  • I know right!? While I was excited to see the money in my bank account, I feel it’s dirty. We need increased benefits, regardless.

    Thanks for spreading an important message here Stephanie… informed voting is key.

    • Stephanie McDougall

      You’re right! It does feel dirty. It always has felt dirty. I just have it go directly into an RESP because I feel it’s the kind of government program that can be cancelled just as quickly as it can be implemented.

      This election is super duper important! I have NO idea how I will vote but I know I will be watching and listening intently. I love politics!!!

  • Forgetful Momma

    I don’t necessarily agree, but I don’t want to return to work, so a childcare program doesn’t affect me. What does affect is that, as of right now, I haven’t received my benefits. 🙁 I count on my money on the 20th and getting nothing was a kick in the butt. 🙁 Hopefully it comes sooner rather than later.

    • Stephanie McDougall

      That sucks they haven’t given you your money on time! That’s a real bummer. Yeah, I guess the way government spends it’s money will never make everyone happy.