The True Cost of Disposable Diapers

The True Cost of Disposable Diapers

Cloth diapering has fit so well into our lives and we love the savings and health benefits it gives both our son and the planet. But when I got a call saying my husband wouldn’t be home from sea in time to make our flight to Toronto for Easter long weekend, I made the call to zip to the store and stock up on ‘sposies for the journey.

A part of me was psyched to not do diaper laundry at my in-laws. The joy of throwing away a disposable diaper is hard to contain after you’ve spent months carefully laundering your collection of cloth diapers. I honestly thought it was going to be easy peasy. Until we ran out.

So there I am with 2 diapers left, wondering how much time I have to get to the store and grab another bag of fifteen-dollar-diapers. five more dollars and I could have bought a BRAND NEW Apple Cheeks cloth diaper. Are you kidding me? What’s worse is that I had to have a shower and do my hair and makeup, wiggle into my jeans, put on my rain boots, and go outside in the pouring Toronto rain and walk up to the drugstore for another pack of diapers. Easy? You call that easy?

If we had been cloth diapering and there were only two diapers left, I would have stumbled to the diaper bin half asleep, stumbled to the washing machine, thrown them all in and turned it on. In an hour I’d put them in the dryer and in another hour we’d have 20 new diapers! HUZZUH! I don’t even need to be dressed to do any of that and to be honest I’m usually not.

The true cost of disposable diapers isn’t just the $15 to buy the bag of diapers you’ll turn around and toss in the garbage. No no no…there’s the cost of having a shower and losing that 2 day old top knot look that took so long to create! There’s the cost of wiggling into those jeans and tossing your beloved yoga pants on the floor (don’t worry, mommy will be back soon!). There’s the cost of having to go outside in the rain(ICK).

Next time we fly, I’ll be bringing a small stash of cloth diapers with us. Well, only if I don’t have to pay for an extra checked bag for them 😉

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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  • Elaine Welte

    We cloth diaper our youngest! We also CD our middle! With our middle daughter, we would CD when we traveled; I don’t do that anymore with our youngest; but we love CD! So much more affordable!

  • Christina

    Love cloth diapers!! We do a cloth by day/disposbales by night (once they start sleeping through the night) and it works great for us.

  • I had always heard advice to bring disposable diapers on trips, but we’ve brought cloth diapers each and every time and I never regret it! Although, now I know to make sure a hotel has a laundry room so we can avoid rinsing them out in the sink/tub, which we’ve also done before! I agree, I think that it’s much easier to ensure we always have diapers if all we need to do is run into the laundry room and clean a load of them! — Lisa | Two Martinis

  • I love the idea of cloth nappies (oops, diapers – sorry, from Australia!) but I could never keep on top of the laundry, especially when I returned to work so it’s disposables here 🙁 But can completely see your point! Turns out yoga pants are the uniform of mums here too! ha ha #twinklytuesday

  • Sadia

    I had wanted to cloth diaper my twins, but daycare required disposables and their dad wasn’t sold on cloth. To play devil’s advocate, we all make a system of whatever diapering solution we choose. In my case, I quickly learned not to try to buy packages of diapers at the store while carrying two infants! Instead, I ordered them on Amazon using Subscribe and Save, so they’d just show up on my doorstep. Thanks for linking up at #TwinklyTuesday.

  • Home Remediesrx

    Great point, Stephanie! Time is our most valuable asset – and having to run out to buy something last-minute definitely has a cost! Thanks so much for sharing at Talented Tuesdays!