In the Trenches with Teething

Bedtime is a special time in our household. Every night around 6:30 pm, we start to wind down with a bath, some stories, and some cuddles. Our boys thrive on routine. But when Oliver started teething, bedtime became harder and it really threw our precious routine out of whack. He was hard to settle and even harder to keep asleep. In the Trenches with Teething | Mommyzoid

That was until I reached out to my mommy group on Facebook and asked if anyone had suggestions for natural relief from teething pain.

Over and over, my mom friends were saying Camilia drops.

At that stage in my mommy career, I’d never heard of it but was game to give it a shot! So I did what any other desperate mom would do — I sent my husband out to the 24-7 grocery store to pick up a package of Camilia. And maybe some chocolate for me.

And it worked. Both the Camilia and the chocolate!

In the Trenches with Teething | Mommyzoid

I twisted off the top of the little tube and started squirting it into his mouth and within no time I could feel his whole body relax and he just melted into my arms, finally able to get the rest he needed. Which meant the whole family could sleep again!

You know that uncontrollable gut wrenching baby cry from teething pain that you can feel right to your bones? That was the end of it for us. As in, we had no idea Oliver’s teeth had popped through until we saw them or felt them. There were no tears and no drooling. Just smiles!

In the Trenches with Teething | Mommyzoid

Now that we have our second little bundle of joy, we aren’t scared or worried about teething. In fact, he’s already starting to show some early signs of teething and you better believe mommy is armed with her Camilia.

We actually gave him his first dose of Camilia this last week because the drooling has really started to pick up. He loved it! Knowing that this next stage won’t be anxiety inducing but instead filled with laughter and smiles has my mommy heart so excited. Bring on the teething, I say!

In the Trenches with Teething | Mommyzoid

I remember how helpless I felt as a first-time mom, unable to soothe my baby who was clearly experiencing some unreal pain. I don’t know who cried more, him or I! It was such a relief to find a product, thanks to the recommendations from other moms, that was just as effective as it was safe for our little baby.

What has been really neat was after we tried Camilia we started exploring the rest of the homeopathic products Boiron makes like their children’s sugar-free cough medicine and even their adult products for cold and flu.

Anywhere we can substitute in something that’s more natural, I’m all in! And if it means bedtime is easier and we all get a little more sleep, well…it’s win-win.

In the Trenches with Teething | Mommyzoid

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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