My Baby is Half a Year Old?!

It’s true what they say: Babies don’t keep. How on earth is my littlest baby a half a year old? And more importantly, my maternity leave is half over. Where is time going?

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Now that’s he’s six months old he’s starting to sit up for longer stretches and even trying really hard to crawl. Guys, it won’t be long until I need to install baby gates. Holy stairs. We are so excited to start trying foods with him. He has been watching us and his brother with such interest and gets quite vocal about the fact that he has no food in front of him yet. Patience, my little Ellie! We will be giving baby-led weaning a shot, just like we did with Oliver. His first food will likely be some banana or avocado. Something mushy!

|Reid’s Shirt|

Photo Credit: Morgan Webb Photography

He’s loving to watch his brother. Elliot might be crying but if he hears his brother’s voice, he starts to calm down immediately. No one can make him laugh like his big brother can. I truly am in absolute awe watching them together. Their love for one another is so obvious.

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So much babbling! Oliver wasn’t much of a babbler so this is all new to us. He’ll just be laying there in his car seat kickin’ his feet and making funny noises. He is always in a good mood. Like, seriously. It’s a bit bizarre!

We are such a happy little family of four! It’s better than I could have ever imagined. We feel pretty complete. <3

Here’s to many more milestones with our sweet little Ellie-Bean.

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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