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Toddler Gift Guide | Mommyzoid
These are some of the greatest gifts we’ve given Oliver or plan to give him. I love giving him quality gifts that will last through multiple stages (& even multiple kids!).
Kid Size Owl Mug // Our little guy loves to have some “tea” (usually hot water and honey) before bed. He feels like a special little big kid when he and the adults are having a cup of tea together!
Stuffed Swan // Every time we go to Chapter’s Oliver packs this swan around. He thinks it’s hilarious. I think he might just need to wake up on Christmas morning to this little swan under the tree.
The Darkest Dark // Our favorite book right now! We read it at least once a day in this house. It’s all about astronauts and your dreams that actually can come true.
Mini Kick Seat 3 in 1 // The greatest scooter ever, it grows with your kid! Oliver got this scooter for his first birthday, when he couldn’t even walk! He pushed himself around on it, using the seat. The seat is now off and soon we will have to change out the handle for the taller size option that comes with it. Such good value for the money! We will have this scooter in our family for a long time.
Woodland Animal Puzzle // Nothing better than doing a big puzzle together on the floor! I love that these puzzle pieces are perfect for tiny hands and they are durable (because some go in the mouth, of course!)
Bath Toys // I’m done with gross bath toys that fill with water and get disgusting. These bath toys drain really easily so they don’t fill up with water and can’t get gross. Plus they are made with natural rubber and they look cute.
Kid Size Cleaning Set // Oliver is at the age where we wants to help do everything like vacuum, load the dishwasher… fly at it buddy! They love feeling needed.
What are your must haves for the toddler on your shopping list?
Stephanie @ Mommyzoid
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