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Tip 5 Tips For Flying with a New Baby

With our immediate family all over Canada, travelling with babies is a reality for us. We had been told quite a few horror stories about flying with a newborn baby but we’d also been given a few pieces of advice that came in handy.

1. Keep baby on usual schedule.

Our three month old isn’t on too rigid of a schedule. This was really handy for us flying through 3 time zones. When we arrived on the West Coast, we were super understanding that our baby would be off when it came to his sleeping and napping schedule. We tried to keep things as close to normal for him.

2. Keep baby sucking (nipple, bottle, soother) during take off and landing. 

This helps with keeping baby from having sore ears. For us as adults, chewing gum helps but poor little babies need to keep sucking in order to help their little ears. We kept our guy sucking during take off and landing and we had no problems. Once we got moving, he was fast asleep.

3. Know the difference between a non-stop flight and a direct flight.

These sort of travel details didn’t matter much before having kids but now that diapers, bottles, and crying babies are involved, the faster and more direct we can get to our destination the better. When booking this flight we paid extra for a direct flight but had no idea it wasn’t non-stop. Direct means you and your bags stay on the same airplane from beginning to end but you will make some stops along the way — it’s quite the milk run! Non-stop means you wont have any stops and you’ll pay a premium for that if you’re flying quite a distance. We enjoyed not having lay overs or having to unload and re-load back onto a new plane.

4. Read your airlines policies and tips on flying with kids.

Airlines and flight attendants have a lot of experience with children and it’s old hat to them but when it’s your first time flying with your baby, it’s nerve racking. To help ease our minds we read online how flying with a little one works. It laid out everything we would need to know from where to find a change table on board to what to do in the event of an emergency. and when it doubt, ASK! *PRO TIP* find out about baggage limits and gate checking strollers and car seats! Gate checking means you have it up until you hop on the plane and you pick it up when you get off. Some experienced mom’s I know have told me this can help prevent any damage to your gear!

5. Read TSA or CATSA policies on getting through security with an infant. 

The biggest stress for me when it comes to flying is getting through security. We were surprised to find out we got to cut to the front of the line when we got to security. The less time we can spend waiting in line with a baby the better. He loves to be kept moving! I knew what to expect when going through security ahead of that time and that defiantly eased my mind. I was surprised to find out I was able to travel with pumped breast milk, formula, and even a water bottle of water for mixing with formula. All the security people were super understanding that we were slower than the average traveller.

What are your tried and true travel tips? What makes your travels stress-free?

Happy travels!

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Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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  • Jann Olson

    Great tips for a traveling mom! Thanks for sharing with SYC.