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Desert Inspired Baby Nursery Revealed

Desert Inspired Baby Nursery | Mommyzoid

Currently, I’m 36 weeks pregnant and nearing the home stretch. I officially can’t put on my socks so I think it’s fair to say the baby’s nursery has reached a state of done-ness that I am happy with! My goal was to make this little boy’s room a desert-y oasis and I think I’ve succeeded.

The color of the room is really hard to describe. It’s a really light green and I love it, especially because it was the color the walls were when we moved in, so I didn’t even have to do anything! Most pictures it comes off as gray while some it looks like an off-white.

Desert Inspired Baby Nursery | Mommyzoid

I’m so in love with the Stokke Sleepi crib! We were just going to move Oliver into a big bed and give the baby his old crib, but we were also wanting to get a bassinet of sorts to have in our room. With a three story house, there’s no way in hell he’ll actually be up in this room anytime soon (read: I refuse to do the stairs 10 times a night) so the fact that the crib makes into this tiny little bassinet is perfect for putting in our room for the next few months. and the best part? It fits through the door without dis-assembling. I mean, seriously…someone was thinking. It also has wheels you can put on it so I’m thinking this little puppy will be wheeling from our bedroom to our living room on the daily.

Desert Inspired Baby Nursery | MommyzoidI made this cute little weaving for my little guy and I just love it. I keep worrying my peach is too pink but then I stop worrying because I LOVE the color and don’t really care if it’s too pink! My boys LOVE pink! Desert Inspired Baby Nursery | MommyzoidOriginally we had thought a white dresser would be best to match the white crib, but we ended up going with this cinnamon-cherry finish dresser from Walmart. I was having a really hard time deciding what dresser to get so my husband just ordered this one and I had no idea until it arrived at the door!

Desert Inspired Baby Nursery | Mommyzoid

I’m pretty obsessed with this DIY art! My husband cut up those wood rounds and glued them to these dollar store frames a few years ago. I decided they’d look good in the babies room with the addition of a little cactus friend! Desert Inspired Baby Nursery | Mommyzoid

I really love this wall organizer I found at Home Sense in their clearance section. It’s perfect for stashing diapers, swaddling blankets, and those odds and ends that seem to clutter the dresser! Desert Inspired Baby Nursery | Mommyzoid Desert Inspired Baby Nursery | MommyzoidDesert Inspired Baby Nursery | Mommyzoid Desert Inspired Baby Nursery | Mommyzoid

The changing station. Now, I bought this change pad for our first and used it maybe twice. I’ve changed more than two diapers in my life though. That means majority were done on the floor, on the bed, on portable change pads. Basically anywhere but on top of the pad that was bought specifically for this purpose. But it looks so cute here! and mostly I needed a special place to stash our cute little newborn cloth diapers.Desert Inspired Baby Nursery | Mommyzoid

This little scrappy garland has been living in different spaces in our home for the last several years. For now, it will live above the baby change table!
Desert Inspired Baby Nursery | Mommyzoid

This is a special little work of art Oliver did for his new baby brother. He was really proud to hang it in his brother’s room to help make him feel at home. We’ve been doing lots of little things like this to get Oliver feeling like he has an important part in making the baby feel at home. I really want Oliver to feel needed during this time. It’s little things like this that are building the relationship between the two of them before they’ve even met.

What do you think? Like the space? Do you think we’ll even spend any time in here once the baby arrives or do you think we’ll just stay in mom & dad’s bed 24/7?

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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