How to Cottage with Kids Without going Insane

I’m not going to pretend I know it all because I really just wing in 99% of the time when we travel to the cottage with the kids. But through all that trial and error we’ve learned a few lessons and have started to figure out this whole traveling with small people thing. Scroll down to see some pics from our trip!

And keep reading to find out the single best tip I discovered this year.

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// Baby Life Jacket // Disposable Diapers // Wipes // Travel High Chair // Rashguard // Silicone Play Mat // Sunscreen // Water Bottle // Sun Hat // Closed Toe Sandals //

Baby Life Jacket  // Essential for us because we need to take a boat, but also just the best for peace of mind, especially when you have two tiny people to watch near the water!

Disposable Diapers // As a cloth diapering family, we don’t mind to take a break from diaper laundry. The single best thing I did this summer was order diapers and wipes ahead of time. Figure out where the closest post office is and have your diapers and wipes sent to it so you can just pick them up on the way. Obviously, if you’re going to a place that’s near grocery stores, this isn’t the greatest tip. But for us, this has been a real life saver. Our cottage is on an island so trips to town are far and few between. We ordered our diapers and wipes on and had them shipped to the post office with Canada Post’s Flex Delivery program. But Amazon also gives you the same option!

Wipes // You can never have too many wipes. From diaper changes to cleaning up after digging in the garden, wipes are my best friend.

Travel High Chair // The highchair we use at home is actually designed to be a travel high chair that can clip onto a table. We take ours to restaurants all the time but especially love how easy it is to take along with us to the cottage.

Rashguard // Kids usually don’t enjoy getting sunscreen applied and reapplied through out the day so I like to minimize the amount of exposed skin by throwing the kids into a sun safe suit that can go in the water!

Silicone Play Mat  // Our littlest guy just started solids, so meal times are messy! To protect the countertops and prevent plates from hitting the ground, we just use an Ezpz Play Mat that suctions to the table! Plus it does double duty by also being a mat that Oliver can paint and get messy on!

Sunscreen // Sunscreen is kind of a no brainer, but this specific sunscreen is one we love because it’s safe for baby and toddler, smells amazing, and blends in well. It also comes in a stick for easy application and my personal fave is the tinted face sunscreen!

Water Bottle // I love using glass with the kids because I know it’s clean and safe but hate the idea of them dropping glass cups. We love these ones because of the silicone sleeve to protect the glass. + the colors are so fun! They even make sippy cup and nipple tops for the glass bottles.

Sun Hat // My favorite sun hats! So many fun patterns to choose from and the quick breakaway clasp and drawstring are an amazing feature. We’ve lost every other hat in the wind, except this one!

Closed Toe Sandals // Water proof leather sandals! The best of both worlds. I have a pair for myself, too. I love that you can wear them out in the rain or get them muddy and they’ll clean up easily so you can wear them for something formal. I detest bringing so many pairs of shoes to the cottage with us so when one pair can work for so many different outfits and activities, I’m happy!

A post shared by Stephanie McDougall  (@mommyzoid) on

A post shared by Stephanie McDougall  (@mommyzoid) on

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