Cloth Diapering at Daycare

Cloth Diapering with Charlie Banana cloth diapers

I’ll be the first to admit it, I originally thought we would likely only cloth diaper until our baby went to daycare. I was worried I wouldn’t have the time, it would be complicated and we’d never find a daycare that would be willing to cloth diaper. But I was 100% wrong on all three of those.

Here’s our cloth diapering routine. In the comments let me know if you think this sounds complicated or super time consuming. I think you’ll agree it sounds pretty manageable.

charlie B 1

Sunday: Sometime on Sunday I will do a load of any and all dirty diapers so we can start the week off with a nice clean stash of diapers. We have a cloth diaper stash of about 25 diapers which is a great number for us. We usually only need to do the Sunday wash and a mid-week wash with the number of diapers we have in our rotation. If we waited much longer the diapers would be starting to get pretty gross. You don’t want your diapers sitting around for too terribly long before it’s time to do a wash.

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Sunday night: Stuff all the diapers. We stuff our diapers with 1 Charlie Banana Hemp Insert for the day time and any naps he gets 2 Hemp Inserts. I’ve always loved Charlie Banana Microfibre inserts and their line of hemp inserts don’t disappoint either. Hemp’s natural fibres are really good at holding in a large quantity of liquid while micro-fibre is able to absorb quickly. When you combine those two awesome qualities you get their Hemp Inserts which are made of 2 layers of hemp and two layers of micro-fibre. Can’t beat that!

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We also love Charlie Banana’s Disposable Inserts which are so handy and one of the reasons we were initially drawn to this brand of cloth diapers. We love that when we leave Oliver with a grandparent or a baby sitter who may not be as comfortable with cloth, we have the option of using a disposable insert. They are also handy incase you don’t have enough diapers for the day because you lay the insert on top of the diaper rather than inserting into the diaper between the fabric of the inner and outer of the diaper. This means you can make a few covers last a lot longer.

charlie b 6

Monday Morning: When I’m packing Ollie’s bag with a change of clothes I grab 4 Charlie Banana One Size Organic Cotton Diapers and a waterproof Charlie Banana Tote Bag.

If anything cloth diapering saves us time. While my son was battling a bit of a bacterial infection he was using disposables and in 2 weeks I made emergency dashes to the grocery store several times. ugh. Not exactly what I want to be doing at 10:00 at night!

I also worried the washing and stuffing of cloth diapers would consume my life and I’d never get to just relax after work. OK, it’s not like you have to wash them by hand. You literally open up your wet bag, dump in the dirties and turn the wash on. Stuffing the inserts into the diapers takes a total of 20 minutes. Some families choose to stuff as they go but I prefer to get them all done at once.

At the end of Oliver’s day at daycare his caregiver gives me his wet bag with all his soiled diapers. All his diapers for the day fit into a Charlie Banana Tote Bag. The hands down best feature about these bags is the little patch of microfibre sewn into the seam. This little square soaks up any moisture in the bag that may leak out of the diapers while they sit in the tote bag. Such a genius little detail!

Charlie B 4

Once we get home I dump his soiled diapers into the pail of dirty diapers we keep in the bathroom where they sit sealed inside of a steel container until it’s time for the next load of diaper laundry.

Before we cloth diapered I was so worried I would be overwhelmed with going back to work that the added laundry was going to just tip me over the edge into insanity. But cloth diapering has become such a part of our routine both my husband and I agree that we would never choose to stop at this point. The savings we’ve seen from cloth diapering is enough to keep us using cloth. And all that saved money means I have more money to spend on cute fluffy diapers!

If you have any questions or concerns about cloth diapering your little one while they are going to daycare feel free to reach out to me.

*I was not compensated for this post, however Charlie Banana did send me all the products shown in this blog post. My full Disclosure Policy can be found here.*

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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