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Charlie Banana Cloth Diapers – Review + Giveaway

[Asterisks denote a paid link or a gifted item. Charlie Banana sent me 1 OS diaper + 1 pack of wipes to review but my opinions on and obsession with these amazing diapers are all mine. The items in the giveaway have also been provided by Charlie Banana]

Charlie Banana Giveaway + Review via

[bandana bib* by Baby B Handmade]

I’m always talking about cloth diapering on the blog but I figured it was time to share what makes Charlie Banana* our brand of choice. I spent countless hours researching the top cloth diaper brands and landed on Charlie Banana for the reasons I’m about to share with you. Keep reading to find out how you can win a sweet prize pack from Charlie Banana*.

Charlie Banana Giveaway + Review via

5 reasons why we love Charlie Banana:

1. Pocket Style 

We love being able to add extra inserts at night for extra absorbency. We can really play around and customize our absorbancy! This also means they take less time to dry compared to an all-in-one style diaper because the insert comes right out of the pocket for washing and drying.

Charlie Banana Giveaway + Review via

2. Adjustable Leg Straps 

Without the overwhelming snaps that most one size diapers have, we are able to easily adjust the leg opening for our growing baby from new born all the way up to 35 lbs! That equals some serious savings! The rows and rows of snaps on the front of most one size diapers can be awfully daunting for those not familiar with cloth diapers.

Charlie Banana Giveaway + Review via

Charlie Banana Giveaway + Review via


3. Disposable Inserts 

If you think you might want to do cloth diapers part time, this is a great option. Pop on a Charlie Banana Disposable Insert* and all you have to do is throw it in the trash and replace it with a new one at diaper changes. A great option for Grandma and Grandpa’s house or on long trips. We haven’t used this option yet but it was one of the things that drew me to this brand. I love having OPTIONS!

Charlie Banana Giveaway + Review via

[teether* by Baby B Handmade]

4. Back Elastic 

This contains any messes that they would call a “blow out” in the disposable world. They are virtually non existent in our home. I’m confident that his diapers will hold in anything yucky all over the place. That’s some real peace of mind! 

Charlie Banana Giveaway + Review via

5. 1 Year Warranty 

Charlie Banana backs their product up 100% and are confident you wont have any issues with your diapering system. What helps me sleep at night is knowing the brand we chose to diaper our son in wont let us down. and if for any reason we have any problems, I know all it takes is a quick email to customer service and you can chat with their experts about any issues you’re having. 

Would I recommend Charlie Banana OS diapers?

No question. They have been so perfect for our lifestyle. We recommend them to all our friends who are watching us cloth diaper and are interested in starting. 

Charlie Banana Giveaway + Review via

[bib* by Baby B Homemade]

Charlie Banana also sent us a package of  their Double Sided Wipes* to try out. Before I had tried them I used baby wash clothes but now that I’ve tried these cloth wipes, we wont be using those ever again. They are soooo soft and fluffy. One side is super soft fleece that feels like velvet to the touch and the other side is organically grown cotton. They are very gentle yet still do the job. I put them on my Christmas list so I can start using them for myself as make-up removing wipes. Now I just have to decide if I want one with Charlie Banana blue stitching or hot pink! I give the cloth wipes an enthusiastic two thumbs up! I would feel really comfortable recommending these wipes to anyone who thinks cloth wipes are something they’d want to try out. Once you’ve made the switch to cloth diapers, cloth wipes are the natural next step. Recently I did a post about my very own cloth wipe solution recipe, which goes so well with these new wipes.

Charlie Banana Giveaway + Review via

Charlie Banana Giveaway + Review via


We LOVE Charlie Banana for so many reasons but one of the most important reasons: they work! They don’t leak, they are durable, and they fit so well on our guy! It’s a product I trust to me on my child 24/7.

Now it is your turn to try out Charlie Banana*. Enter below for your chance to score 1 One Size diaper in Chocolate Chips and 1 package of 10 Double Sided Wipes. The contest is open to residents of Canada & the US only. 

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  • Cailen

    Have never tried Charlie Banana but those wipes look awesome!

    • They are SO awesome! We are smitten, for sure. I can’t believe it took me so long to use real cloth wipes as opposed to baby wash cloths! 😛


  • rubyhereiam

    Love this. Love Charlie Bananas…also the best wipes. Need more!

  • Tiffany

    I’ve never used cloth before but would love to try it out. Disposable diapers can get expensive.

    • They add up, huh? Cloth diapering comes with an upfront cost but we’ve defiantly already made up the money put out to get set up and our baby is only 6 months! Well worth it. Now I like to think we are MAKING money 😉


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  • Jenn McClearn

    I use cloth diapers and love them! I have used CB swim diapers but never their cloth diapers thanks for the chance 🙂

    • Their swim diapers are so wonderful, huh? SO adorable. Plus it makes babe look like it’s wearing a little baby Speedo!


  • Dorothy sharp

    Cool! I had no idea that Charlie Banana diapers had those adjustable elastics.

    • Oh my gosh, they are the greatest invention. Whenever I did up a diaper with the rows of snaps on the front of the diaper, they would all un-do. Also the leg strap gives such a precise fit!


  • april h

    We’re just starting our cloth diaper journey as we’re expecting our first. Cloth diaper reviews are so helpful for us to decide what we should start with!

    • I found reviews VERY helpful when I was researching! I wanted to know what REAL moms had to say about the different types of dipes. Best of luck on your journey! If you ever have any questions, feel free to email me 😀


  • Sarah Hayes

    i do use cloth. it hasnt been easy but im glad I did it

  • Sam Camerer

    I use cloth with my son! We have never tried this brand but would love to!

  • RJ

    We are planning to use cloth. I really like the leg elastic on these it looks like it would provide a great fit. Thanks for the review.

    • That’s great to hear! The leg elastic certainly gets a precise fit. We love it! Hope I helped!


  • Vicki Hall

    WE use cloth diapers and love it.

    • That’s great to hear! We love them too. Given the option, we’ve never switch to disposables now.


  • Denise Beeman

    we are are planning to use cloth with our little guy who will be here any day! can’t wait for his fluffy butt.

  • Mesha C

    I plan to cloth when little one arrives. I a just building my cloth diapering stash and this would be so wonderful to win. I really want to try a Charlie Banana diaper after reading your post.

    • Oh I remember when i was building my stash, pre-baby! It was SO much fun. It’s even more fun to start using them! Best of luck!


  • Sam

    I don’t cloth yet, but I plan to (baby on the way). I’m excited to start the cloth journey!

    • That’s so fantastic! Email me if you ever have any questions. It can be a little daunting at times, I know!


  • Morgan

    We’ve been using cloth diapers on our baby girl for over 5 months now (she’s 8 months!) and we love them! Charlie Banana diapers are a great fit on our daughter and we love the adjustable elastics.

    • That’s great to hear! We find them a great fit on our guy, too! Those elastics are a life saver!


  • Melissa Bottorff

    I already cloth diaper. I used them on my first two and plan to use them on the little nugget we have due in March!!!! I haven’t tried cloth wipes yet but i really want to this time!

    • Awww yay, a new baby! Cloth wipes are amazing. I love just folding them up in the cloth diaper and throwing them in the bin until it’s time to wash. So convenient!


      • Melissa Bottorff

        thats what i plan to do…its just a matter of deciding if i am going to go the wipe warmer route or the spray…and I’m sure theres more that i have no idea that they exist

  • bamstout

    Love your blog and super enthusiastic about cloth as well. Lovely post.

  • corrie

    We do cloth diaper! On baby #4 already!

  • Jessica Haynes

    We don’t cloth diaper yet, but when we welcome our first LO we plan to cloth diaper exclusively! We are trying to build a varied stash so we can buy and sell what we like and don’t and build a stash that works well for our babies!

    • That’s exactly what we did and it was the best thing ever. You have no idea what will fit best on your child or what features you’re going to love or hate. Between my husband and I we agreed CB was our brand and now we are just selling off what we don’t use!


  • Andrea Slagle

    I am planning to use CD with my first baby, due in January!

  • Chalene Alic

    We’ve cloth diapered our since he was two days old. Haven’t tried CB yet, but now I really want to try them

    • Awww that’s so great! New borns in cloth are the cutest! I hope you get a chance to try CB! Their leg adjuster is amazing for little growing legs! Helps contain a lot of spills!


  • Bianca Munoz

    I cloth diaper both of my children 🙂
    We love it! Thank you 🙂

    • Aww that’s so wonderful! What a savings that must be! I couldn’t imagine the diaper bills for two kids in diapers :S


  • Jennifer

    I plan to use cloth. I am building up a stash for when my baby is born in May.

  • valerie sobus

    I plan to use cloth diapers for my baby boy coming in january! i have a bunch of prefolds/flats and covers but would love to eventually branch out and try other brands/types of diapers. I’ve heard awesome things about c.b…..and i really love that their leg openings are adjustable. it seems genius.

    • So genius! It makes things so much easier especially for growing, chubby, thighs! I had so much fun collecting diapers to use when baby arrived and I’m so glad I did it all ahead of time! Best of luck 🙂


  • Candice

    I don’t cloth diaper yet, but will be doing so soon. I have half of my stash and am working on completing it, as well as obtaining accessories, choosing detergent and a balm. This was helpful because I am not familiar with the quality of Charlie Banana products or their features. I was thinking about doing the cloth wipes too, but your recommendation helped me decide that I want to try them. Thank you.

    • Cloth wipes sounded like a hassle to me but once I tried it, it was no biggie. Just folded it up with the cloth diaper and put it in the bin until it was time to wash. Easy as pie! Glad this helped!


  • Gladys Aguilar

    I’m in the same boat as candice. Im building my stash for when baby #2 arrives I will be all set, but still buying accessories and also need clothwipes. This giveaway is perfect

    • It’s so great that you can stock up before baby comes because that would be a whole heck of a lot of cash to drop all at one time! Best of luck!

  • Mari

    We are new to cloth diapering and bought preloved charlie banana diapers about 2 weeks ago. We love them!! I wish they sold them instore at Target because I would love to get my little girl a brand new charlie banana diaper without having to wait so long for mail delivery lol

  • megan

    Ive been cding for a year and half now. I love it. I now use cloth wipes when Im not lazy. SO much better for the baby and the planet.

  • Melissa F

    I have used cloth wipes since baby was a couple of weeks old, but hadn’t made the change to cloth diapers until a month ago when baby was 9 months old! Since starting to use cloth part time both me an my husband love it! We are planning on adding more diapers as the budget allows and hopefully will have a full stash for our next child.

  • Miriam Chamberlain Bridges

    We are using cloth diapers and wipes for our first and planning to use them for #2 on the way!

  • Barbara

    I use a few different kinds of cloth diapers and am still deciding what my favorite is. I loved Charlie Banana from the beginning because it fit so well. I thought I would like it less as my daughter got bigger, but it’s still a perfect fit! I love all their different prints too.

  • Stephanie Olmsted

    I do use cloth and we love it! I love pocket!

  • Jackie

    I didn’t cloth with my 1st, but we are very excited to with our baby on the way!

  • holli g.

    We are currently using cloth. I love doing cloth.

  • Mellisa Patterson

    I love cloth. This was helpful even fir me. Ty!

  • Kristyn Jean Demuysere

    I just started cloth and love it! Brayden is 1 month old today and we’ve been doing cloth since 2 weeks!

  • Anel Winney

    I do plan on using CD with my LO! As soon as I receive, I will start using them!

  • katherine

    I’ve clothed my son from 2 months 🙂

  • Cristina Ewen

    I love CDing and I love Charlie Banana!

  • Carrie Barron

    I love cloth diapers! I haven’t tried Charlie Banana but would love a chance to win one.