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Sick Day Saviour – Baby K’Tan Review

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The stomach flu grabbed a hold of our family this week and wasn’t about to let go easily. My poor little guy was so tired and only wanted to be held, which made it difficult for me to get myself back in working order and keep everything on track at home. So I wore Oliver in the *Baby K’tan and he snuggled right in and was so content!

Babywearing with the Baby K'Tan Review |

c/o Baby K’tan

**side note: I made my husband pose for these photos because I look like death punched me in the face which is coincidentally exactly how I feel. But who doesn’t like seeing a Dad baby wear, am I right?**

What sets the *Baby K’tan apart from other wraps on the market is the way you put it on. Like their Instagram says, the K’tan is “A baby carrier that slips on like a shirt and fits like a wrap”. Because of it’s clever design, you aren’t wrapping literally metres of fabric around you which can be a bit intimidating to a new wrapper. Take a look at this video to get the idea!

The *Baby K’tan is so easy to put on and take off I was able to get him in to the wrap without him starting the waterworks and once he was sound asleep I was able to slip him out and into his crib without a peep and with a sick babe, that ain’t an easy feat! I’m a mom rock-star, thanks to the K’tan!



In my opinion this is the perfect wrap for a first time wrapper or for someone who doesn’t wear the baby often like a caregiver or grand parent. My husband has never EVER worn a wrap before, just soft structured carriers. He’s watched me put on my wraps before and I think he might be a little intimidated by all the fabric which is totally understandable. You don’t get any of that with the *Baby K’tan !

Babywearing with the Baby K'Tan Review |

The fabric is like a thicker t-shirt material. You still get that comfy stretch but the material is still thick enough to feel secure with the weight of the baby on it. Secure is key when it come to baby wearing!

Babywearing with the Baby K'Tan Review |

Our *Baby K’tan is in “Denim” which still feels like a cotton but has a brushed denim/chambray look to it! It’s really nice and I was pleasantly pleased when I felt how cozy it was against me and baby.

Babywearing with the Baby K'Tan Review |

Do you have experience with the Baby K’tan? Are you curious to try this wrap? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Monica Geglio

    Such precious photos. I think it’s adorable when my husband carries my Oliver in a wrap. 😉 Hope you feel better soon!

    • Thanks Monica!! Fathers wearing babies has got to be one of my favourite things!!

      Have a good one,


  • what sweet pics! i have always been curious about this carrier, i think i’ve tried most other styles!

  • Pregnant with baby #9 and a diehard Moby user, but … I love the way this wrap slips on! Might have to give it a try…

  • First, I hope you guys are feeling better now, stomach bugs are the worst!! I always see some moms using these and it seems so complicated. I wish I would have tried these, but my babies are too big now. Thanks for sharing! #shinebloghop

  • Jann Olson

    Hope you are all feeling better! My youngest son, his wife and two little guys have all been sick. Not fun! This looks like a wonderful wrap that makes mama, daddy, and baby all happy! Thanks for sharing it with SYC.

  • Hope you are feeling better! Being sick is the worst!! But baby wearing is a life saver sometimes!! We used our carrier all. The. Time.

  • Stacy-Ann Gooden

    My son is 18-months-old. I don’t baby wear as much, but when I did I loved to wrap him in something like this. The closer, the better. Stopping by from sits.