Baby Shower Gifts Moms Actually Want

Baby Shower Gifts Moms Actually Want

Whether you’ve been to what feels like thousands of showers or you’re a virgin to the baby shower scene, it’s hard to know what to get an expecting mother. It’s stressful, OK? But it doesn’t have to be.


First you need to figure out if you want to get a gift for Baby, Mom, or something the whole family can use.

In my personal experience, people LOVE buying things for baby. There is something about a pair of teeny tiny Converse that are just so unbearably cute. BUT the times I’ve given gifts that were meant to pamper mom have all gone over really well.


I’ve given one expecting mommy friend a gift card to a spa. I wanted to give her something she wouldn’t have done for herself otherwise which was take time for herself and spend the afternoon relaxing before the big day.

Another great gift I did for an expecting mom was do a breastfeeding care package. I had known breastfeeding was something she wanted to be successful with so I got her some nipple shields, breast pads (like these ones from Cake Lingerie!), and nipple cream (like this one from Anointment!). All things a new mom might think she’ll buy if she needs them but if you’ve been there, you know it’s better to just have it all on hand post-partum than try and waddle to the store or worse explain what you need to your hubby or mom.

It’s easy to forget mom in all the excitement of a new baby but there are quite a few things mom is going to need in those following days.


Each mom is going to have different tastes in baby clothes and different parenting styles. In other words you don’t want to show up to a baby shower for a cloth diapering mom with a jumbo Costco sized box of Huggies.

I know it’s a wild idea but just ask her what she wants. and if she has a registry, use it! Even a lot of local baby boutiques are able to have registries. You can’t go wrong if you just get something they asked for!

If you’re at a loss, there are a few things that you can’t go wrong with:

Aden + Anais swaddle blankets are a great gift that’s sure to be hit. You literally can’t have too many and there are soooo many prints. I’m a huge fan of the Organic Bamboo swaddles. I’ve even worn them as scarfs and nursing covers.

The NoseFrida Snotsucker is one of those gifts that may seem like a boring thing to give someone but it will be a life saver in those first few weeks. Plus it’s insanely fun to suck the snot right out of the babes nose! Baby-less folks are probably cringing and swearing off babies right now. Those traditional snuck sucking turkey baster looking things are impossible to clean properly and end up being a cess pool of bacteria.

Padraig slippers are one of those classic gifts that will go over well no matter what. They are made in Canada and are made by Artisans in Vancouver who are paid a living wage for their work! But remember to keep the receipt because there are a few colour choices! It’s hard to decide@


After the baby is born, mom and dad are going to be home bodies and leaving the house is going to be this monumental thing. But they are still going to need to eat! Frozen dinners like shepherd’s pie, lasagna, quiches or a gift card to a local pre-made dinner company like Dinner Envy…all those things are AMAZING gift ideas. Gift cards to local take out spots that deliver are also wonderful ideas. So is a gift card for a local cleaning service or even a gift card for a local indoor playground if they have older kids that are going to need some entertaining. These may seem like silly ideas but in those weeks following the great arrival of baby, these gifts will keep the family sane and they will be thanking you!


OK, it’s hard to resist little tiny things. I know, I was there.  But the best thing you can do for a mom is buy things that are a few sizes bigger. You know the expected mom has already done lots of shopping for newborn and 0-3 month clothes through out her pregnancy. Also grandparents LOVE a little retail therapy. I found I had sooo much 0-3 month clothing that he could have worn something new each and every day and there would still be things he never wore. Between gifts and hand me downs, those first few months are likely taken care of.

Just make sure you think ahead to what season it will be when the baby is wearing those outfits and keep all the tags and receipts. Carters is great for giving you one year to return items for a full refund and you literally can’t go wrong with their awesome, trendy clothes for tots! Amazing, right? And don’t be offended if they return what you bought!

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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