5 Ways to Maintain a Functional & Stylish Living Room With Kids

Think you have to give up your sense of style to keep your living room functional once you have kids? Guess again!

5 Ways to Maintain a Functional & Stylish Living Room With Kids

I’ve always been adamant that you don’t need to throw away your sense of style when you have kids. Easier said than done, I know. But we’ve successfully managed to keep our home on-trend and functional without breaking the bank, yet still comfortable and kid-friendly.

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Re-think Baby Gear

You spend a lot of time looking at the baby gear that you keep out in common areas so it might as well be cute, right? Cute baby gear is a bit of an oxymoron, but I swear it exists! You just have to hunt. Take this IKEA play gym, for example. I loved the wood but wasn’t a fan of the bright colored toys hanging off it so I gave it a bit of a makeover.


Trendy Storage Solutions

There’s no shortage of cute baskets and bins to use to store toys in. I especially love these vintage wire baskets for storing our wooden blocks, but you can find awesome decorative seagrass baskets or these fun cloth sided baskets that come in so many fun prints!

Metal Basket for Wood Baby Toys

Hide the Clutter

A chest of drawers or a cupboard where you can stash the toys, puzzles, and games will be the best thing you ever put in your living room. Having this spot to put everything makes clean up a breeze. About once a month I go through our little chest of drawers and put everything back up in the kid’s rooms. Eventually, little odds and ends make their way back into the living room and into this little catch-all.

Living Room Storage Solutions with Children

Give Old Furniture New Life

I try not to buy new furniture for several reasons, one of them being that with little kids, I know wear and tear are inevitable (and I’m super cheap!). When you can find great furniture at a yard sale or thrift shop and transform it into a fun and functional piece for the living room, that’s a major win. Knowing I can slap another coat of paint on this little side table makes me breathe a little easier when I see the kids using it as a race track.

5 Ways to Maintain a Functional & Stylish Living Room With Kids

Choose Classic Toys

We are fortunate to have a number of really old wooden toys that date back to my husband’s childhood and some go back even further. Not only do I love wooden toys for my kids to play with but I also enjoy looking at wooden trains, trucks, and blocks in my living room. I mean, if I have to look at it, it might as well be aesthetically pleasing, right? If you don’t have any vintage wooden toys from your own childhood, you can find great wooden toys at your local thrift shop. We especially love playing with wooden blocks because it really forces you and your child to get creative and use your imagination.

Wood Toy Train with Succulents

What did I miss? Do you have a tip that you think I’d just love? Leave me a comment and tell me how you keep your living space stylish and still functional.

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stylish and functional living room with children

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