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DIY: Wine Rack with Railway Spikes

My husband loves DIYs just as much as I and without our mutual love, none of our DIYs could be possible mainly because anyone who enjoys doing it themselves knows a creative mind thrives in chaos and believe me, our house is always littered with glitter, power tools, and my bits and bobs. Most of the time those things are put away but it feels like majority of the time I’m tripping over cords and various crafts in various stages of not doneness.

Once and a while I’ll be featuring a DIY that’s been spear headed by my husband. Most things involving wood and power tools are his brain child, which I love. He’s very creative and even has his own Pinterest account (SWOON). He was hiding his secret Pinterest addiction by bookmarking his ideas rather than making an account. Finally I convinced him to just make account.

This is his latest creation. We don’t drink so we can’t quite call it a “Wine Rack” but that’s essentially what it is! Right now it houses a funky old wine bottle that had been collecting dust along with one of his other cool DIYs he’s done recently.

He started with a scrap piece of wood he found at the cottage. It was doing nothing but collecting dust, quite literally. He got some rail way spikes from our Brother In-Law that he had salvaged from a rail yard.

wine rack 1

He figured out where he wanted the spikes to go.

wine rack 3

Drilled holes.

wine rack 4

and Hammered in the spikes!

wine rack2

wine rack 5

wine rack 6

Whenever something involves power tools and wood, I tend to back away in fear I might do some permanent damage to my project. But in this case, it couldn’t have been easier!

My husband wants to put a finish of some sort on the wood to protect it — what do you think? How should this wine rack be finished?

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid


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  • Linda Blatchford

    The railroad ties really add to the board. Great idea.

  • Cynthia L

    Love this idea. So inventive! Thanks for linking to the In and Out of the Kitchen Link Party! I am always glad to see you!

    • Thanks Cynthia! I love the In and Out of the Kitchen Link Party! Wouldn’t miss it 😀


  • Sarah Munson

    This is such a good idea! It looks like something my husband would try to make. I was one of your co-hosts from the Pin Junkie blog party.

  • Jann Olson

    Clever idea! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  • I love how this is simple and easy, and fully functional. This is totally the kind of thing I’d make.

    • SOOOO easy! I mean, other than finding some spikes! That’s defiantly the most difficult part. Thanks for visiting!


  • Kyla @ House Of Hipsters . com

    I love the rustic look the spike give it! Thanks for sharing! Also wanted to let you know about a new linky party starting this Saturday at 8pm called “Found & Foraged” Can’t wait to party with you at

    • Thanks for the Invite, Kyla!! I can’t wait. Do you have a button I could place on my blog under “Link Parties”??? See you Saturday night!