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One Room Challenge Week 4 | A Kitchen Makeover – Open Kitchen Shelving

If you’ve been lusting after open kitchen shelving on Pinterest and Instagram over the last couple of years like me, read on. See how I take our uppers cabinets in the kitchen and turn them into the pin-worthy open shelves of my dreams.Welcome to week 3 of the One Room Challenge! We are giving our builder basic kitchen a bit of a makeover. If you’re just jumping in now, catch up here:

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If the people we bought our house from could see what we’ve done with their old kitchen, I wonder what they’d say. “WHY WOULD YOU PAINT THE WOOD!” “WHY WOULD YOU TAKE OUT A PANTRY!!!”. But I think they’d probably lose their cool over this one. “WHY WOULD YOU TAKE DOWN UPPER CABINETS”! Because Pinterest, obviously.

We decided to take down only a small portion of our uppers for now. Maybe we’ll take down the rest of them, I’m not sure. That would be super cool. But for now, we are just doing a little corner. And we are keeping the cabinets in the basement in storage, in case this trend goes out of style in a few short seasons (which I’m sure it will!!!!!!).

It was super simple to take the uppers down. They were just anchored into the wall with a few screws. Behind the cabinets was the date and the name of the person who put them up! HOW CUTE IS THAT!

Once we patched, sanded and painted the wall, it was time to put up our shelves. We wanted floating shelves. If we couldn’t make that work we were going to do IKEA brackets and spray them brass. But my husband is a welder so he created these rods that screw onto the wall and the shelf slides onto it. Sounds complicated and not something the average DIYer can do, but that’s what we did! We also added another little L bracket for extra support.

The wood we chose for our shelves is the same gorgeous cherry as our island. It’s gorgeous! But now we have hit a spot where we aren’t sure if we want 2 shelves or 3! What do you think?! HELP US DECIDE!

What do you think? Are you brave enough to take down your kitchen cabinets and put up open shelving? Are we going to regret this? (that’s why we kept the uppers, just in case we really regret this!)

Follow me on Instagram and let me know if we should do 2 shelves or 3! I need your help! Check back in next week to see what we ended up doing.

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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  • sharon

    Can’t wait to see the end result! I love open shelving! We can’t afford a kitchen reno right now but a few years ago I took off all the cupboard doors to my upper kitchen cabinets so it kind of has a feel of open shelving. I also painted inside the cupboards as well. Another cool idea is adding wallpaper inside cabinets. Our house has a cottage feel to it, so it didn’t look out of place doing this. If you’re doing a small corner maybe 2 shelves? I’ll be going with 3 if I ever get the chance to do it. And despite what people assume, my dishes in my open cabinets never get dusty.