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Top 5 DIY Home Renovations + Condo Tour

At the end of April we are moving into our new house! Goodbye 2 bedroom condo, hello 5 bedroom townhouse! We are so excited to spread out and have space to breathe. But at the same time, I’m going to miss our cozy little condo that we’ve made our home over the last 5 years.

Although our condo was gorgeous when we moved in, we still did a few things to our condo that really took the space from drab to fab. Check out our top 5 projects that we’ve done over the last 5 years. Which is your fave? Read to the bottom to find out which is my favorite project!


1.Custom Built-In Entertainment Center

We needed more storage in our living room, especially with our baby coming. We wanted to be able to have decor up high so he didn’t get into things but also cupboards to store all his toys. Basically, come 7:30 pm I’m hurling all his toys into the cupboards. When people come over they usually comment on how you wouldn’t know a kid lives here which is a huge compliment seeing as it’s such a small space. We made a spot for everything and made a concerted effort to not have overwhelming amounts of plastic or juvenile toys. If I have to look at them they have to look nice. The built ins were the form my husband’s nesting took while we were waiting for our new baby.

2. Chair Rails

These white chair rails make a real statement in our small space. It was this DIY that really made a difference to the feel of the condo. It made the space look extremely high-end which contributed to us getting what we were asking on the sale. It made the space look incredibly polished and sophisticated. This one was also all my husband. I was pretty pregnant when this came to fruition and the most I lifted an arm to help was to put more wheels of Brie cheese into my cart at the store!


3. Reclaimed Barn Board Wall

We wanted to something on this wall at the end of our kitchen. It was just a big white wall with nothing on it. We originally painted chalk board paint on it which was fun. It became where I took my pregnancy photos each week. But then about halfway through the pregnancy we decided a barn board wall was to be born! We found this wood on Kijiji. The guy who was selling bought a 130 year old barn from the Annapolis Valley and used it in his renovation he was doing and had some left over so we scored the lot for less than $100. It was an incredible score. Whoever decides to pull that barn board wall down will get a surprise the chalkboard that says “Baby Boy McDougall June 2014”.


4. Matte + Shiny Striped Wall Treatment

I went back home to BC one summer and when I came home Reid had painted the dining room this lovely deep slate (that we had never talked about) and done this vertical stripes with just a clear gloss. I died when I walked in. It was so unexpected and so unbelievably gorgeous. I just love the way the glossy and matte look together. The vertical stripes also make the space look taller than it is, which is such a bonus for the small space.


5. Faux Pillers

When my husband was doing the chair rail he also framed out the opening between the dining room and living room.  These faux pillers give give the space such an air of sophistication and give the opening a purpose. If we were going to stay I was going to put up barn board on the bulkhead to give it almost a beam look. I love mixing elements like the pillers with the barn board or the mid-century table with the pipe chandelier. I guess you could call it “shabby chic” although I prefer the phrase I coined for my style: feminine industrial!

drum roll…. my favorite of our DIY Home Renovations….is… The reclaimed barn board wall. It’s by far our biggest space changer. It gives the entire condo this woodsy cottage-y vibe that we’ve continued through out the place.

Did you notice all these projects were spearheaded by my husband? This blog should be called “Daddyzoid”. Don’t be mistaken though, he may put in all the hard labor but I sweat over the ideas and planning!!

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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