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Staging Your Home To Sell


When it comes to selling your home, you don’t want to mess around. You want your best foot forward, right out of the gate. That’s why in the weeks leading up to our condo going on the market we took a good hard look at the space and asked ourselves a few tough questions:

What can we remove before we move

We gathered some boxes and loaded them up with trinkets and nick-nacks. All the little decor pieces that were taking up space and collecting dust. Anything that cluttered surfaces was removed. Either hidden in cupboards or put into storage. The more clutter you have on surfaces, the smaller they are going to look. We opted to having nothing on our coffee table or kitchen table. We wanted the space to looks big, open and airy. It also makes tidying up between showings a breeze when all the little things are packed away right from the start.


Personal Photos = A No-No

So you go into a home with the intention of picturing your family in that home. You can picture cooking in the big open kitchen, lounging in the living room…. and there’s an entire wall of someone else’s family smiling back at me. UGH! Day dream ruined. We don’t keep many photos of people in our home to begin with. Just one photo of us as a new family. We packed it away so another young family can look at our condo and create their own vision of what our home could look like without them. Without our picture spoiling their day dream.


Sell The Lifestyle 

So we live in a 2 bedroom condo about a 8 minute drive from the center of the city. SELL IT. We are trying our darnedest to appeal to young person or couple or young family. Basically us 5 years ago! Someone who is looking to be close to the action with all the benefits of downtown living without all noise and people. Someone who wants to bike to work, take trips to the market or bus around town. We have our target demographic in our head and with every staging decision we consult that vision and make sure it lines up.


And within 7 days of being on the market our condo had an accepted offer! I guess we did something right!







Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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