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A Manageable Spring Cleaning Schedule

Spring Cleaning | Mommyzoid

This spring, I’m a mom of two, which means I have more kids than I have time. Instead of beating myself up about not getting all my spring cleaning done in the span of a day or two, I’m breaking it up into manageable chunks. Here’s how!

My day is broken up by nap times and feedings, so I thought instead of trying to fight this, I’ll use it to my advantage. Instead of plowing through spring cleaning, I’m taking my time and making a plan of action.writtenwriten out my nap time goals and I’ve given myself one goal per day and if it takes me all day, that’s A-Ok, because I’ve planned my time out accordingly. This will keep me from feeling frustrated with myself and keep things in perspective. My days are already full, what with keeping the kids alive and all. I like to remind myself that everything else is a bonus!

Monday: Dressers & Closets

I sort things into four piles: Garbage, Donations, Consignment & keep. And I’m ruthless. I am someone who keeps E V E R Y T H I N G, so this can be an extremely tedious task for me. What makes this process easier is knowing the majority of our things will be donated to a local charity. We also have a great baby, kids & maternity consignment store in Halifax where we are able to take our stuff and use those funds to purchase fresh new finds. I’ve picked up kids Toms and so many lovely name brand maternity and nursing dresses from there. I bag up our garbage, donations and our stuff for the consignment store and throw it all in separate GLAD Easy Tie garbage bags and load them into the trunk of the car and take them to their new home. Heavy duty bags are best for this job because I’ve definitely split a few bags in the parking lot of the goodwill. Not fun.

Tuesday: Kitchen

I pull everything out of the fridge and give it all a wipe down. I also pull each shelf and drawer out and wash it with hot soapy water. It’s amazing the kinds of gross stuff you’ll find. I also like to pull everything out of the pantry and take stock of what we have and reorganize it. Over time, things get shuffled and it just doesn’t make sense anymore. This is also a great way to rotate some older things you might have forgot you had. I also like to spend some time disinfecting each cabinet and every handle with Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. This is one of my favorite products, especially for the really nasty stuff, because you just toss the wipes when you’re finished. We always have this on hand, especially during cold & flu season. ICK.

Spring Cleaning | Mommyzoid

Wednesday: Bathrooms

Not sure why we bought a house with four bathrooms, but we did, and now we have to keep all four of them clean! UGH. A deep clean can really keep things sparkly. I love to give the showers a nice deep clean and get into the corners and into the grout with an old toothbrush. This is also a great time to clean out the drains. I know, ICK. But trust me, it doesn’t have to be nasty. Liquid-Plumr Hair Clog Eliminator is easy to use and you don’t even have to touch anything gross. I remember as a kid I would watch my mom open up the sink trap and dig out all the gross stuff blocking the pipes. This is definitely a better way to get the job done!

Thursday: Carpets & Baseboards

I usually give the carpets a once-over every few weeks, but once every few months I like to move things out from the wall like beds and dressers and get to those spaces that you just can’t usually reach. This is also the time when I like to get down on ground and wash the baseboard mouldings. These can get unbelievably dusty and you know what? I never notice they are dusty until the spring sunshine streams in like a spotlight!

Friday: Walls, Windows & Picture Frames/Decor

OK, the hand prints. Again, you don’t notice them until the sunshine streams in and highlights everything. I like to take a cloth with hot soapy water and pretty much go around the house from about 3 ft up the walls down, and look for hand prints, smears of jam and god knows what else. Toddlers are wonderful, aren’t they? We take our screens out of our windows in the fall, so before we put them back in, we give the glass and window casings a good cleaning. I also attack all the picture frames and decor and make sure there is no dust hanging around.

Saturday: Garage/Storage Room

I save this for the weekend so it can be a family affair. We open the garage door, throw on some tunes and start sorting. Anything you haven’t touched in over a year, consider getting rid of it. Again, donating is such a super way to lighten the load and also give back to your community. I also like to give a good sweep and a suck with a shop vacuum. I’m always blown away by the amount of the leaves that get blown into the garage over the course of the fall and winter! There’s also so much gravel and salt that gets tracked in on the car and it feels good to get them all up off the ground! Nothing worse than walking in the garage with bare feet and stepping on rocks. OUCH!

Sunday: Your Choice!

Anything you forgot or want to give a little extra love? Sunday is the day! Maybe you want to tackle your closet AGAIN. With a fresh set of eyes, you might find a few more socks or old T’s you really could stand to part with.

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

PS: This post has been sponsored by Clorox, but all opinions and advice are my own! Please read my full disclosure policy here.

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  • kayla

    Doesn’t it feel amazing? Really helps to have great products too hey?


  • Matthew Tully

    Spring cleaning is the best. Always a purge in our home!