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Selling Our Condo – The To Do List

It’s official! 2016 is the year we sell our condo and buy a townhouse. We love our condo so much but we are beyond ready to have more space for our family to move around without literally walking on top of each other.

We bought our adorable 2 bedroom condo 5 years ago and since then we’ve done so many amazing upgrades which include a chair rail/wanescoting in the living room, a built in entertainment center, a complete re-do of the laundry room, created a feature wall with 140-year-old barn board sourced from the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia ( SO COOL!) + so many more cool upgrades.

Mr #DIY is at it again! #Reclaimed #wood wall in the #kitchen!!

A photo posted by Stephanie McDougall – Blogger (@mommyzoid) on

140 year old floor boards are now up and the kitchen is officially finished! A photo posted by Stephanie McDougall – Blogger (@mommyzoid) on

Just doing a little pre #baby #diy!

A photo posted by Stephanie McDougall – Blogger (@mommyzoid) on

We put our condo up on the market 2.5 years ago, just after we got married and began planning for our littler family. We thought it was now or never. The condo never sold and we decided it was for the best — we didn’t need the stress of a house anyhow.

That brings us to today. We have officially outgrown the condo and are ready to have our own (HEATED) garage and not share common space with strangers!

We have our heart set on the townhouse we want to buy…the only challenge will be getting our house sold ASAP!

We won’t be doing any major renovations or DIYs to prepare for the sale but what we will be doing is some finishing touches:

  • Entertainment Center – Clearing out the clutter and creating cute little vignettes that show how big the space is.
  • Master Bedroom – Clear out the clutter from bedside tables, dressers & walk-in closet
  • Hall Closet – Clear out the clutter.

OK, so there’s going to be a lot of clutter clearing. Instead of just stuffing everything in a closet before a showing, we want to have all the junk that piles up gone so there is less to clean up to get the house show-ready.

Over the next several weeks I’ll be sharing what we are doing to get the condo ready to go up on the market. Stay tuned! & catch a few sneak peaks on Instagram! Wish us luck!

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