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New House Vibes – Feminine Industrial

If you follow me on Pinterest you may have noticed things amp up in the DIY department. My husband and I have been spending our evenings pouring over projects looking for ideas for our new house, specifically the main living spaces which are comprised of the kitchen, living room, and dining room which are all very open concept. I’ve been trying to narrow down in my head a theme or a name for the vibe I’m trying to go for which is so unlike me because I really hate to pigeonhole. But I think I’ve narrowed it down to this Feminine/Chic/French meets Industrial.

When I say that what do you picture?

I see metal, concrete, lace, brick, marble gold, velvet.

Let’s dream a bit, shall we?

Feminine Industrial Living Room | Mommyzoid

Creamy walls, a grey couch and some velvet throw pillows with some fabulous DIY tables. That’s what I picture. This living room is basically my vision!


We are dying to get a new couch and now that we’re moving to a new space, it feels like the right time. But the fabric needs to be durable and stain resistant. But I refuse to live with our ugly old brown micro-fiber couch in our new living room, even though we have a little kid that always has a running nose and throws up on the furniture when he’s sick.


Marble. Counter tops. We aren’t fans the counter tops in our new home. Before we rip them out and get new ones installed we are going to try to DIY something fabulous. Worst case scenario they turn out awful and we rip them out and get new ones. But mark my words we wont be getting real marble counter tops so the DIY version better work. Pretty much everything in this kitchen is love for me!


That side table is so wonderful. I love industrial touched like the casters and those table legs mixed with nice bright whites.

…..AND EXHALE. All such lovely spaces. Click on the photos to see the blog or website they originally appeared on and show some love.

Do you like the vibe I’m going for at our new house?

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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