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Modern Easter Wreath

Easter is definitely a favorite holiday of mine. I mean, chocolate and baby animals? What’s not to love!? I love the challenge of decorating for a fun holiday like Easter and still trying to keep my home looking classy and sophisticated. My Easter decor this year really blends into my home and is completely my style and on trend. My goal with this project was to create a really fun Easter wreath that is festive while still staying true to my home’s decor style.

I wanted to do soft pastel eggs and Fusions Mineral Paint’s line of nursery inspired colors was perfect for the job. I also wanted to incorporate either some succulents and moss or some dried flowers. I ended up opting for dried Eucalyptus from the craft store because the scent is DEVINE!

Last year when I did my faux marble Eggs, I went with real eggs, but this year I saved myself the trouble and picked up some eggs from the craft store that have almost a cardboard outside that the paint sticks too easily. This was such a time saver and would be perfect for egg decorating with the kids! No broken eggs!

Modern Easter Wreath | Mommyzoid

A pro-Easter egg painting tip is cutting up a toilet paper roll to set the eggs on while you paint them and while they dry. Trust me.

Modern Easter Wreath | Mommyzoid

I did two coats of paint on each of my eggs.Once the eggs were dry (which took no time at all), I trimmed my eucalyptus to the size I wanted. I only did two sprigs because I wanted a really minimalist look for my wreath. I used my trusty glue gun to tack the eucalyptus in place. Then I started sticking my eggs into place.

Modern Easter Wreath | Mommyzoid

Modern Easter Wreath | Mommyzoid

Instead of putting this wreath on the outside of the door, I opted to place it on the wall in our foyer so I can enjoy it every time I come down the stairs into the kitchen!

Modern Easter Wreath | Mommyzoid

Still looking for more Easter egg inspiration? Last year I did these faux marble eggs and they are still super duper on trend!

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