My Crowd Pleasing Garden Fresh Zucchini Pesto Salad

Garden Fresh Zucchini Pesto Salad

When you can walk out to the garden and pick your ingredients to make your salad, you do it.

This summer we’ve had the pleasure of staying at our families cottage on Lake Ontario, spending our days frolicking with the kids and enjoying the wonderful veggies from the garden. When you can have your veggies this fresh, they somehow taste even better.

We had an abundance of Zucchini that needed to be used up and I was craving a nice fresh salad, so I whipped this dish up for the family and it took no time at all. Here’s what you need:

6 cups spiralized (or shredded) Zucchini

1 cup of Cherry Tomatoes, halved

3 Tbsp Pesto (home made or store bought!)

1 Tbsp of Olive Oil

Juice of half a Lemon

1 clove of Garlic, minced

1 Tbsp of Red Onion, minced

Spiralize (This is what we use to spiralize vegetables) your zucchini and put in a large serving bowl. Add in your halved cherry tomatoes. In a small bowl, whisk olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and red onion. Pour dressing over the salad and toss. Let sit for about an hour so the zucchini can absorb all the wonderful pesto goodness.

Garden Fresh Zucchini Pesto Salad

Garden Fresh Zucchini Pesto Salad

Garden Fresh Zucchini Pesto Salad

My Crowd pleasing Garden Fresh Zucchini Pesto Salad

If you are meat eaters, chopped up chicken or some fried shrimp would make an awesome addition to this salad. This salad can be served cold on a hot summers day or can be sauteed in a frying pan until the zucchini is nice and tender. Spiralized zucchini makes a great alternative to pasta!

This is a favorite salad over here. We love how quick it is to prepare and how the ingredients are in season and growing only steps from our door. We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to be surrounded by such a wonderful bounty!

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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