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Fizzy Iced Coffee

Fizzy Iced Coffee | Mommyzoid

A few weeks ago I was drinking a hot coffee while on a walk with the kids and I remembered that it’s iced coffee season, FINALLY. I’ve really upped my game this year, too. We have a Soda Stream that we use just to fizz our water. We’ve never used it to make our own pop or anything, just fizzy water. I know, we are so plain.

Anyways I was at one of my favorite local shops and I picked up a bottle of Low Point Coffee Co. Cold Brew Concentrate. I had the amazing idea to not just add regular water or milk. BUT FIZZY WATER!!

I was hesitant to try it at first. The thought of fizzy coffee seemed so wrong, but friends… it’s so right!

This just elevated my nap time iced coffee session to a whole new level.


Here’s what I do:

Grab a glass and fill it up with ice.

Pour 1/4 of a cup of the cold brew concentrate over the ice and then fill the remainder of the glass up with fizzy water. I use carbonated water that I make with my SodaStream, but you could use any kind of sparkling water or tonic water.

Then I take a taste test and add in more concentrate if it needs it. Or more fizzy water if it needs it!

It’s potent stuff, so go easy! A little goes a long way.


Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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