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DIY: Reclaimed Holiday Sign

I’ve mentioned before on the blog that space is a premium in our 2-bedroom condo, so we needed to find a solution for the holidays without giving up completely.  We have had a Christmas tree in the condo in the past, but that was before my husband built a custom entertainment centre on the wall that had the space for the tree. With a new baby in the house, we still want to decorate a little bit and feel festive without things feeling chaotic, cramped, or like Christmas threw up everywhere! Our solution was to do a few small DIYs including this reclaimed holiday sign.

We have some left over 150 year-old barn boards from when my husband covered a wall in our kitchen and we’ve been slowly working through the boards making some fun DIYs. My husband grabbed one of these boards and we set to work on our latest DIY.

Here’s what we used:

  • Reclaimed piece of wood
  • Nails
  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Yarn in red & green
  • Christmas Lights

DIY Christmas Decor via

First we marked out where we wanted the nails to go and pre-drilled some holes. It was pretty random and not at all exact but in the shape of a triangle.

DIY Christmas Decor via


See? It looks like a tiny little tree! Certainly not exact or perfect. Once we pre-drilled the holes we put the nails in and tapped them in gently at all at the same height to keep things uniform. We didn’t want the nails in permanently in case we want to do something else with this board in the future, so we didn’t hammer it in too hard.


DIY Christmas Decor via


Next we wrapped yarn around the nails, willy nilly. Seriously, there was no rhyme or reason, but we really liked the way we did the first one so we kept doing it to keep it uniform.

For some added pizzzzaz we drilled holes in it and popped Christmas tree lights through each hole. It gives such a pretty glow, especially when the lights are out.


DIY Christmas Decor via


Does it distract from the massive TV that takes up our living room? A little bit? That was the goal!


DIY Christmas Decor via




Stephanie @ Mommyzoid


PS: I’ll be sharing this DIY on these blogs.

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