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DIY Baby Bib Bandana| #12MONTHSOFDIY

DIY Baby Bib Bandana| #12MONTHSOFDIY

Baby Bib Bandanas are a cute little baby essential that you can literally whip up in less than an hour. They make the perfect custom gift for a new mom!


  • Fabric 2 8” x 16” pieces of fabric (You can get fabric like mine from
  • Scissors or rotary cutter
  • Cutting mat
  • Pins
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • Snaps or velcro

DIY Baby Bib Bandana| #12MONTHSOFDIY
You’re going to take your 8” x 16” piece of fabric and fold it in half so you have an 8” x 8” square and cut in half on the diagonal.

DIY Baby Bib Bandana| #12MONTHSOFDIY

If you open that piece up you’ll be able to see the shape of the bandana. Folded in half still, take the longest edge that will be the part that will sit next to the child’s neck. Line up that side on the edge of the mat. Go in 1” in what would be the centre of the bib if it were opened up and cut up to the corner, which would be where the two ends of the bib would meet if it were open, on an angle.

DIY Baby Bib Bandana| #12MONTHSOFDIY

Take the ends that will be where the snaps will sit and line them up at zero on your cutting mat. Cut the ends off at the 1” mark.

DIY Baby Bib Bandana| #12MONTHSOFDIY

Repeat all the above instructions for your backing fabric.

Put the two good sides together and pin, making sure to leave enough space to turn the bib inside out.DIY Baby Bib Bandana| #12MONTHSOFDIY

Sew around the bib making sure to make stitch at the beginning and the end. DIY Baby Bib Bandana| #12MONTHSOFDIY

Trim excess fabric so you don’t have bulk inside once it’s turned right side out.

DIY Baby Bib Bandana| #12MONTHSOFDIY

Turn the bib right side out, adjust fabric so it creates a nice flat seam and iron, if you have one.

DIY Baby Bib Bandana| #12MONTHSOFDIY

Now sew all the way around your bib to close up the gap we left and also to give a nice finishing stitch all the way around the bib.

DIY Baby Bib Bandana| #12MONTHSOFDIY

The last step is to place the snaps or velcro.

DIY Baby Bib Bandana| #12MONTHSOFDIY

DIY Baby Bib Bandana| #12MONTHSOFDIY

Voila! All finished!

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