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Celebrating Canada 150 in our Lush Backyard Oasis

Canadians are pretty humble, but once every 150 years we like to brag just a little. We have such a gorgeous country and we are really proud to live here. Every summer on Canada Day when the weather is at it’s warmest, we celebrate Canada’s birthday This year is a really special milestone and over at our house, we aren’t letting this celebration go un-celebrated! Our backyard is feeling like the perfect spot to celebrate Canada’s Birthday.

This post is a part of the ECM #Canada150 Blog Hop where some of my fave East Coast bloggers are sharing everything from recipes and DIY ideas to activities and travel to help celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. So at the end of this post, click around and see how everyone else is celebrating this summer.

East Coast Mom Media Blogger Celebrate #Canada150

While our backyard is tiny, it is the perfect size for us and the kids. When we bought our townhouse, the patio was already installed and to be honest, it was a huge selling feature for me. I am a huge fan of having no grass to cut but still have lots of green space to enjoy. The best of both worlds! I know my husband is also thankful we don’t have the spend our weekends doing “YARD WORK”, whatever that is! Our first summer in our place we didn’t go crazy planting anything because we weren’t sure what kind of perennials would pop up. We were pretty surprised when we saw all the lush greenery, the bamboo shoots and the shade our lovely maple tree throws on the patio. I am the worst at keeping plants alive so the fact that our backyard and garden takes care of its self is really such a blessing!

During the warmer months, our back patio is just a continuation of our living space inside. On days when it’s just too hot to be inside, we’ll cook everything outside on the deck and eat out there under the shade of the maple tree. Getting a nice patio set was a priority for us so we could maximize the space. We found this awesome set that also has a bench seat so we have ample seating for the kids and any guests.

I hit up the thrift store to find some decor pieces to add to the table to make it feel more like the inside of our home. I didn’t want to spend much money on these pieces because I know I don’t want to have to bring everything in every night, so they are going to get a little worn. I’m in love with this vintage basket that plays double duty as a tray. The braided leather handles are my favorite! I love the detail. I also picked up a nice tall basket that I’m using to store all the kid’s summer toys so that I don’t have to look at a bunch of toys scattered everywhere. Once the kids are done outside, I can quickly zoom around and toss all the toys into this basket so it’s out of sight. I can’t relax until all the toys are picked up.

My son loves to paint and I love to watch him create, so this summer I’m keeping his easel right by the back door so I can easily bring it outside for him when he feels like painting. I love it because it means he’s doing a nice quiet activity and he can get as messy as he wants. As long as the paint is washable, have at it!

I think the greatest part about our little slice of the Canadian dream is that when you’re in our backyard, you wouldn’t even know it but you’re right downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. It’s so nice and peaceful back here with the trees blowing in the wind and the birds tweeting away. Ahhhh, bliss!

What do you think? Want to come over and have some sparkling water or my new favorite fizzy iced coffees!?

Now on to the blog hop! See how my East Coast blogging friends are celebrating #Canada150!



Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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  • Gina Bell

    Your backyard is lovely!

  • What a dreamy backyard space! Great job!

  • Reg.


  • It looks so cozy and very higgle back there 🙂

    • hahaha HYGGE not higgle. Autocorrect has such a sense of humour!

  • Tina

    This is so charming and relaxing. Happy Canada Days!

  • Jenna MacDonald

    I love the idea of having an easel with paint in your outdoor living space! Very cool. Happy Canada Day!

  • This is so beautiful. I love that you have made your own yard your oasis. That’s a wonderful thing. Teeny or not, it is gorgeous.

    I also love the pieces you chose to put outside. You don’t want to have to gather everything up when a rainy day happens. That little strawberry basket (or grape basket!) is adorable, btw. I am totally coveting it. 🙂

    Downtown Halifax is clearly going to be the place to be this Canada Day!