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Bring Outside In This Autumn | Decor Inspiration

As much as I love summer months, I crave the crisp autumn air. If I could just bottle “fall” and spray it all over my home, I would.

I love the colors of autumn, the temperature, the wardrobe choices… it’s all great.

Since moving into our new house in the spring, I really haven’t done anything decor wise. I really just wanted to live in the space and get to know it over time before painting and making any big purchases. Plus I had no time or energy with this human growing inside me.

But now I’m ready. Bring on Autumn!

Here are 4 ways I’m bringing the outside in this season:

Craft Pumpkins

These craft pumpkins are by far the easiest thing you can do to take your home from summer to autumn. The best part is they aren’t too Halloween-y so they can stay up well into November. I love them on my mantle!

Decorating with craft pumpkins amp up the Fall vibe in an instant | Mommyzoid


Ornamental Grass

I was weeding my garden and these lovely ornamental grasses  were overgrown and hanging down into the sidewalk. Instead of just throwing them in the compost I trimmed them up and put them in a vase on the mantle beside even more craft pumpkins! I love the fall vibe the grass gives off. It reminds me of a corn maze.


Ornamental grass and craft pumpkins make great decor ideas for the mantle this fall | Mommyzoid



I have a confession. I can’t even keep succulents alive. But this little guy seems to be pulling through! I’m so proud. To show him off a put him in the center of the dining room table on top of a wood round my husband cut (and we used for our wedding) and a horn my husband found! the succulent, the horn and the wood really play off each other well and make such a simple centerpiece that we are loving. If you can’t keep a succulent alive, a pot of faux succulents might be just what you need!

Succulents, horns, and wood rounds | Mommyzoid


Drift Wood

I’ve recently gotten into weaving and am exploring the different ways to hanging my pieces on the wall. For this piece I chose driftwood and I think it looks great. I love the white washed look of driftwood and would love to see more if it around my home. If I didn’t have such a curious little one running around I would love to put a large piece of driftwood in front of my fireplace, but in our house that’s just asking for trouble!

Weaving with wool on a loom | Mommyzoid

Would you try any of these in your home this autumn? Let me know in the comments or hop on to Instagram and let me know!

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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