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5 Reasons Photo Books Make The Perfect Gift!

5 Reasons Photo Books Make The Perfect Gift

Raise your hand if all your kid’s baby pictures are in digital format. Yup, majority of us. And my mom is constantly asking me to mail her some prints.

Enter Artifact Uprising.

A company with a mission to move stories off your device and into your life.

I have been on a quest to preserve memories and to put pen to paper more often so their mission totally struck a chord with me.

This Christmas I’m sending my Mom & Dad and the in-laws photo books filled to the brim with memories of this year passed. Although they live far away, I want them to feel like they were there.

Here are 5 reasons why photo books make the perfect gift:

  1. EASY. Once you choose the type of book you want to create, the Artifact Uprising editing platform makes it a breeze to add photos, change the order, add text, and so much more. & You can download their App from the Apple App store and make it all from your iphone! It took less than a half hour to complete this book and I didn’t even get frustrated ONCE. That says something!
  2. CHEAP. For under $20 you can create a heartfelt gift for your loved ones.
  3. FAST SHIPPING. & they’ll ship it right to the recipient. How easy is that? When you have family all over the country, it’s awesome to be able to buy online and have it shipped directly. It usually ends up being cheaper than if I bought something locally and mailed it myself.
  4. GOOD QUALITY. The card stock Artifact Uprising uses is of impressive quality, even for their cheapest option!
  5. PRESERVES MEMORIES. You can’t put a price on the feeling of holding an image in your hands. Plus the portability is bang on for braggy grandparents ūüėČ

5 Reasons Photo Books Make The Perfect Gift

5 Reasons Photo Books Make The Perfect Gift

5 Reasons Photo Books Make The Perfect Gift

Artifact Uprising is even letting my lovely readers get in on some photo book-making-fun just in time for the holidays! Enter below for your chance to score $50 USD to spend on whatever you please! This contest is only open to US & Canadian readers. Now go enter, why don’t cha!

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*Artifact Uprising compensated me for my honest review. Read my whole disclosure statement here*

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

PS: I’ll be sharing this post these blogs.

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Ellie Ears – Review & Giveaway

Head Support Pillow for Infants and Toddlers
From the moment I scrolled through Acres of Memories website and online store, I knew there was a story behind Ellie Ears, their flagship product. And sure enough there’s more to these adorable little infant and toddler neck pillows that meets the eye. Chrissy, the mommy behind Acres of Memories, shares with me how and why she started making Ellie Ears:
Head Support Pillow for Infants and Toddlers
How did you come with the idea for Ellie Ears? There’s got to be a story!
I can’t take the full credit for Ellie Ears as I received a similar product when my third child was born. Although I loved the product there were some areas I thought it could be improved so my mom and I started playing around with a template and making some for friends, then sold a few at a Christmas Market. The feedback we received was so great we started to look at options to market and sell them through more avenues then just craft markets. At that time I did find several similar items are out there but none made in Canada. So I decided to give it a go!
One day at a market a lady was so excited to see Ellie Ears in our booth. Her son has hypotonia (low muscle tone) and they had lost the head support pillow he had. He needed the support to sit and to eat.She bought two sets on the spot. I later received a message from her that not only did she love them, so did their therapist. As a nurse and momma this just filled me up to know that my product was so loved and truly filling a need.
The models on your website are adorable. What gorgeous smiling faces! What’s the story here?
When I heard about the “Changing the Face of Beauty Campaign”, I knew I wanted to take part. We have a very close friend with special needs and my children know that he has differences from them but he is still just like them as far as they are concerned. Why wouldn’t I want them to see him, or any other person with a disability or special need, when they look at media/advertising. The response from families when I put out the call was overwhelming! I had never done a photo shoot before, didn’t have a professional photographer – just two girlfriends with a love of photography willing to donate their time, and 5 families with beautiful children. It was a bit crazy and hectic – but the joy and beauty of those families shone through it all! That day fuelled my fire and filled my heart and to see this through.
Ellie Ears isn’t the only thing you make, is it!?
We do make other items as you probably saw on our web site, and sell them through different avenues as well, but Ellie Ears fill a need that I feel isn’t being met, so right now that is where our energy is. We are trying to build our brand, Acres of Memories, as well as introduce a unique product to the market. There have been some hard bumps along the way but every sale, every yes is a step in the right direction and a victory.
Is it just you or do you have a team?
Right now it is about 80% me making Ellie Ears while also raising 4 kiddos, running a small farm and working part time as an RN. My mom works full time and lives 45 minutes away from me so she helps where she can. We are gearing up for the busy Christmas Market season. We met our goals for 2015 – launched our website and Etsy shop and broke into the local retail market. For 2016 I want to spread our wings and take Ellie Ears to retailers across Canada. I want them to be talked about by moms coast to coast.

Chrissy sent me a set of Ellie Ears out of the goodness of her heart for Oliver to test drive! I wish I was capturing a video instead of a picture because as soon as Ollie saw his reflection in his car seat mirror he burst out laughing! He thought it was hilarious.
Head Support Pillow for Infants and Toddlers
We do a few long road trips a year where Oliver will be in his car seat for upwards of 17 hours total! Obviously we get out a stretch a lot but for those hours spent in the car seat, he spends a lot of it sleeping. There’s nothing worse than seeing a sleeping toddler’s head bouncing around while trying to catch some Z’s. We can’t wait to put the Ellie Ears to the test on our next road trip. I’m thinking he’s going to be a lot cozier and a heck of a lot more rested.
Head Support Pillow for Infants and Toddlers
I love the different prints the Ellie Ears come in. There is the choice of 100% cotton or cozy minky fabric. It’s nice and plush! Not too firm but certainly not too squishy. I love the way it cups his little head and curves to the shape of him. There was so much thought that went in to the creation of the Ellie Ears and so much love sewn in to each pair!

Guess what! Now it’s time to enter to WIN your very own pair of Ellie Ears! How exciting! Enter below! Giveaway open to Canada only.

If you just can’t wait to get your hands on some Ellie Ears, head over to the Acres of Memories shop and get 15% off your purchase. Just enter the code MOMMYZOID at checkout!

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Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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Love To Swaddle UP – Giveaway

Love To Swaddle UP Review & Giveaway | Mommyzoid

Just like majority of infants, our little guy looooved to be swaddled up in a cozy swaddling blanket. But he always managed to get his arms out of the dang blankey. I mean, we would wrap him up so tight and he’d manage to get out of his little baby straight jacket every single time. We tried the swaddles that keep babies hands pinned to their sides but he screamed bloody murder. He wanted to move his hands and I get that! I like having the freedom to move around at night, too.

Enter the Love To Swaddle UP. It’s genius design keeps baby covered, just like other swaddles, but allows baby to have the freedom to move their arms wherever they please and self soothe. The shape ¬†of the body also allows baby the freedom to spread their legs a bit, a natural sleeping position for a little baby.

Love To Swaddle UP Review & Giveaway | Mommyzoid

I haven’t had the pleasure of¬†giving the Love To Swaddle UP a test drive because my little one ain’t so little anymore BUT from my experience with other swaddles, this is EXACTLY what my son was begging us for. He didn’t want to be pinned down like a little burrito. He wanted the freedom but we wanted him to be wrapped up and cozy.

Love To Swaddle UP Review & Giveaway | Mommyzoid

Let’s just say we can’t wait to use the Love To Swaddle UP on our next little bundle of joy. Nope, that’s not a pregnancy announcement ūüėõ !!

The fabric is so nice and cozy and the detail of the grey and white trim is perfect for a little baby boy or girl.

Love To Swaddle UP Review & Giveaway | Mommyzoid

Check out this feature. There is space¬†for the car seat buckle so baby can wear this during long road trips or even on those night time drives when you’re trying to get babe to fall to sleep and then easily slip them into the crib without waking them up. This would have saved us a time or two! Especially the time we drove halfway across the country with a 4 week old!

Love To Swaddle UP Review & Giveaway | Mommyzoid

I love that there is a two way zipper so you can easily zip up from the bottom for a quick diaper change instead of taking the zipper down from the top and risking baby loosing all that magical sleepy dust!

Love To Swaddle UP Review & Giveaway | Mommyzoid

Available in:


Gray, Blue, & Pink


X-Small: 4.5-7 lbs.

Small: 6.5-13 lbs.

Medium: 13-19 lbs.

Large: 19-24 lbs.


93% Cotton, 7% Elastane

Drum roll! Now it’s time for you to try to score your very own. Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below! You can even come back each day to give yourself more chances! This contest is open to Canadian entrants ONLY. Best of luck, pals!!

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Water Ring Sling Giveaway

My blogger pal Iulia from The Best of Baby is giving away this GORGEOUS ring sling that’s meant for the water. How awesome is that colour!? We are just getting into ring slings over at my home and I’m really enjoying the simplicity of throwing baby on my hip and having the pressure taken off my body so I can stand up straight! Ring slings are really wonderful and great for quick up and downs.

Without further ado, here’s Iulia’s review!


 Iulia from Best of Baby was gifted a water ring sling in exchange for her honest opinion.  All opinions are her own.  Other participating bloggers were not compensated in any way.

Water Sling 6

Summer time is pool time!¬† But going to the pool with kids is vastly different than¬† it was before having kids.¬† The whole “lounging” term doesn’t really apply.¬† Wrangling?¬† Yes.¬† But lounging not so much.

The key to a successful pool trip is preparation.  Diapers, snacks, towels, toys, diapers (yes Рworth mentioning again).  And if you have a baby?  You need some sort of containment device (especially if you have another child to attend to!)

Sure you can do floaties, and tubes, and vests and all that…but your best option?¬† The option that will let you keep your baby safe, snug, close, and still give you free hands?¬† A water sling! (THESE are my fay-vor-it!)

Water Sling Giveaway

Baby wearing rocks.  It keeps babies happy and gives mom a good measure of hands-free freedom.  And baby wearing in the water is a whole other level of awesomeness.

Reasons Why Water Slings are Awesome!

1) Babies love it. ¬† The chubby little monkeys love the darn things.¬† They’re close to mama, but they still get to splash to their hearts content.

2) Mamas love it.  Free (and weightless) baby snuggles.

3) It keeps babies restrained.¬† Without the sling, many babies will want to just lunge face first at the water. Seeing as how babies can’t swim, that doesn’t work out to well for them (and mama probably isn’t too into wrestling either)

4) Makeshift sun protection.¬† You can use the tail as a wrap to keep the sun off of the baby’s or your shoulders.

5) HANDS FREE!¬† Wearing your baby in the pool frees up your hands…so you can wrangle your toddler.¬† (Ok, it’s at least a start on the hands free thing)

Water Sling 8

We searched up an down for the perfect water sling, but most were either too expensive, or looked like those fishnet stockings you wore in college (oh wait, you didn’t wear those?¬† me neither. nope.)

Enter these beautiful slings by Cute Awaking.

Tasha is a mother of 4.¬† She’s a crafter at heart, so in 2012 she put her creative talents in action and opened Cute Awaking.¬† At first, it started out as mostly crochet projects, but when her youngest was born in 2014, she was introduced to babywearing and fell in love! She started making her own wraps and slings, and when she realized that people really loved her work, she became completely CPSIA compliant. She follows all current safety standards and is a member of BCIA.

Her work is beautiful, well made, and affordable!

And she’s generously offering one Best of Baby (and other participating blogs) reader the chance to win a Cute Awaking. water ring sling of their choice.

Water Sling Giveaway

Cute Awaking Water Ring Sling (US only)

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Is Your Baby’s Teether Toxic? – Review & Giveaway

Teething Solutions

You want to know what will make you want to run for the hills?  As in, literally sell your possessions, run for the hills, and set up camp shunning all modern day goods and living only off the land?

Researching the toxic chemical found in baby toys.¬† Yes, BABY TOYS.¬† Lead?¬† Not just for paint in old houses.¬† BPA?¬† Not just in plastic bottles.¬† Pthalates, polybrominated diphenyl ethers, and organotin compounds?¬† Not just for…well chemistry books that we don’t understand.

All of these (and MORE!) can be found in your baby’s toys…you know, the ones they immediately bring to their mouth as soon as they get their hands on them.¬† To their MOUTH.¬† And if you knew the negative side-effects these chemicals can have on us, well, like I said you’d be running for the hills in an effort to avoid anything that’s ever been manufactured ever again.

I know I sound dramatic, but these chemicals are no joke.¬† They’ve been linked to reproductive issues, developmental disabilities, cancer, immune deficiencies, and more. (source) Rocks and sticks sound like great toys, now don’t they?

Ok, realistically, we can’t protect our children from all of these awful chemicals, but we can be intentional about certain items, especially items meant to go in their mouths like teethers.

If it’s supposed to go in a baby’s mouth, it darn better be non-toxic and natural.¬† And is there anything more natural than wood?¬† I mean, there’s not even any explaining I need to do…it’s just…wood.¬† After an extensive search, I found two Etsy shops that had top of the line wooden teethers…unfinished to boot — nothing but pure wood!


Teething Solutions

The first teether is by Muley Baby.¬† It’s an adorable spin on the traditional teething ring featuring wooden beads and 100% cotton fabric.¬† Each bead is held in place by a secure knot to eliminate the risk of the beads coming loose. These teethers also come in “boy” and gender neutral colors.¬† Oh, and they make a pretty cute bracelet for mama!

Teething Solutions

Sharelle from Muley Baby is a stay-at-home mama of a 3 year-old girl and 8 month-old boy.  After her youngest had to be hospitalized, Sharelle and her family were faced with a number of bills. In an attempt to offset the cost of medical care, she started making these adorable teethers!

Teether 6

The second teether is a Mama Rocks necklace by In Between The Raindrop.¬† It doubles as both a teething and nursing necklace (read more here if you want to know why I love nursing necklaces).¬† It’s made from a cotton cord and geometric unfinished maple wood beads.¬† The teether stays on mama and gives your baby something to chew on and fiddle with as he or she keeps close to you.¬† It’s jewelry that you can wear and that your baby can yank/chew/slobber on to her heart’s content.

Teething Solutions

Amanda from In Between The Raindrop is a mommy of three (two boys and a girl), aged four, three and 15 months. She started her business when she became frustrated with her jewelry always breaking or just not being functional in her life.  She took matters into her own hands and now makes functional, affordable, and super cute products that make breastfeeding, baby wearing and just all around entertainment of the baby easier.

Teether 7

Both Muley Baby and In Between The Raindrop are generously giving away a teether to 2 lucky Best of Baby readers. (Muley Baby is offering a Fox themed teething ring to one US winner and In Between the Raindrop is offering a silicone teething necklace or accessory or wooden crochet necklace to one US or Canadian winner) That’s 2 winners folks! Winners will be randomly selected and assigned to a teether. Check out the shops and then enter below!

And if you don’t want to take your chance on winning, both shops are generously offering a discount during the course of the giveaway.¬† Use Foxy15 at Muley Baby shop (US only) and BOB15 in In Between The Raindrop¬† (US and Canada).

Teething Solutions

 (Note: Babies should not be left to play with these necklaces.  Although they are teethers, they are for mamas to wear, not for babies to play with on their own.  This can pose a strangulation hazard.)
Iulia from Best of Baby was given this necklace in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are her own.  No other bloggers promoting this giveaway were compensated in any way.

Natural Wooden Teethers Giveaway

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Teething Necklace Giveaway

For the first few months of my baby’s life, he didn’t really do much but flail his arms spasticly but around 3 months he discovered my necklace started grabbing for it. I’ve always worn this really thin silver chain with a pendant that means a great deal to me. One day he nearly strangled me and almost broke my beloved necklace.

Sound familiar?¬† Yea it’s a baby thing…but it doesn’t have to be like this!¬† Have you ever seen necklaces like these?

Distracted baby solutions

They are MAGIC when it comes to grabbing a baby’s attention.¬† Wearing this while nursing will draw your little one’s focus back to where it needs to be – your chest. And they offer tactile engagement so it gives them something to pull on other than your hair or your bra strap.

Distracted baby solutions

But not only is it a great nursing necklace, it also doubles as a teething necklace.  The beads are made from baby-safe silicone that are soft to chew on and soothing on aching gums.

Distracted baby solutions

And to top it all off, it’s super cute!¬† You can wear it as you would any other necklace, except this is one you actually WANT your baby to fiddle with.¬† It comes in really handy when it’s milk time or just to keep an antsy baby occupied while being held.

Distracted baby solutions


You can purchase these nursing/teething necklaces from several different places, but my favorite is from My Natural Baby.  Why? 3 reasons:

1) They’re BEAUTIFUL – They come in so many cute colors and styles. Their Sugargems line is particularly striking.

2) They’re SAFE – My Natural Baby uses FDA approved, food grade silicone beads, that are free from BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead, cadmium or heavy metals.¬† (Which, believe it or not, is not so uncommon in baby things).¬† If my baby is chewing on it, I want it to be as non-toxic as possible!

3) They WORK – Visually interesting, tactile stimulation, and they promote development of fine motor skills.¬† Plus, they love it! I mean, look at this bub…happy, no?

Distracted baby solutions

My Natural Baby is a family run business offering eco-living products that are good for both mommy and baby.  The owners, Kelvin and Kelly, have two precious daughters.  In their years as parents, they have researched, tested, evaluated and weeded out countless of natural and organic products, so they are able to offer you the best of the best in their shop.


But not only are they knowledgeable, they’re also generous ūüôā¬† My Natural Baby is offering one lucky reader their choice of a Sugargems teething/nursing necklace.¬† Have a silly, distracted baby?¬† Or maybe you just want a cute new necklace?¬† Enter below!¬† But if you’d rather not take your chances on winning, Kelly is offering free shipping for any orders over $30 Australian…but that’s actually only $24 US…a steal! Use code BESTOFBABY at checkout.

Distracted baby solutions
 (Note: Babies should not be left to play with these necklaces.  Although they are teethers, they are for mamas to wear, not for babies to play with on their own.  This can pose a strangulation hazard.)
Iulia from Best of Baby was given this necklace in exchange for her honest review.  All opinions are her own. Other bloggers promoting the giveaway were not compensated in any way.

My Natural Baby Sugargems Nursing/Teething Necklace

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Oxytocin: The “Mama” Hormone – Review + GIVEAWAY!!

Today, I’m teaming up with my pal Iulia from¬†Best of Baby and a few other bloggers to bring you the coolest Mother’s Day Giveaway! Prepare to drool!¬†

Birth, breastfeeding, and, well, baby making…would you believe me if I told you this post was about jewelry?¬† It is.

Mother’s Day is around the corner, and while you can find plenty of “mommy” themed necklaces out there, Iulia from Best of Baby wanted to do something a little bit out of the ordinary…so she found this beauty.

Oxytocin Mother's Day Necklace

This necklace?  The significance behind it is HUGE

At first glance, it looks like a delicate pendant necklace with a pretty design on it.  But you know what the pattern actually is?  An Oxytocin molecule.

OXY 12

Say what? No, this is not a science post, so if you’re not a fan of the subject, no worries!¬† But even if you’re not that into science, if you’re a mother, you should definitely be a fan of this necklace!¬† (Well really, if you’re a human in general, but especially if you’re a mother).

Oxytocin is frequently called the¬† “bonding” hormone, because it’s released during activities such as hugging, but I like to call it the “MAMA” hormone, because it makes an appearance during three very important parts of most mother’s lives:

1) Baby making – that fun thing that helped you become a mom to begin with!

2) Birth – it stimulates uterine contractions…ever wonder what the synthetic version Pitocin derives from?

3) Breastfeeding Рnot only does it trigger your milk letdown, but it also  facilitates feelings of love and bonding

But you don’t have to be a biological mother to enjoy this necklace (or the benefits of this hormone!) Oxytocin is also released during cuddling and holding your baby.

Oxytocin Mother's Day Necklace

So how’s that for a uniquely awesome “Mommy” necklace?

Oxytocin Mother's Day Necklace

These beautiful necklaces are made by Heather, from HWorks.¬† Here’s what Heather has to say:

Of the many interests I’ve explored throughout life, jewelery making has always been a favorite of mine.¬† I often daydreamed about selling my work, but for some reason just couldn’t find the courage to do this. When I had my little baby boy I chose to leave my full time job as an educator and put all of my energy into being there for my new little family. Soon the time came for me to think about finding another job, but the idea of being out of the house on a regular basis? I just wasn’t ready for that. With my husband’s support and encouragement I finally found the confidence I needed to open my little Etsy shop. I find great joy in creating, and am beyond thrilled anytime someone wants to own one of my little creations.

Oxytocin Mother's Day Necklace

Want one? Well Heather from HWorks is generously offering one lucky reader a chance to WIN an Oxytocin necklace.¬† But if you just HAVE to have one and don’t want to risk not winning, she’s also offering a 25% discount using the code BESTOFBABY for everything¬†except the “squash blossom” necklace¬†through the duration of the giveaway (ends April 30th). This giveaway is open to both Canada and US residents.

 Disclaimer: Iulia from Best of Baby received this necklace in exchange for writing a review.  All opinions are her own.  Other bloggers promoting the review and giveaway received no form of compensation.

Happy clicking!

HWorks Oxytocin Themed Necklace

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Back To Work After Baby – Dress That Post-Baby Body + H&M GIVEAWAY

Back To Work After Baby | |

It’s really no surprise your body is different after having a baby. You just spent 9+ months creating a HUMAN. Lets give ourselves a break, shall we? I’m 10 months postpartum and I’m feeling more and more like my pre baby self each and every day.

So here I am preparing to go back to work and I’m scrounging around in my closet to find something that fits my new [fabulously curvy] body! My body is just different now and it wouldn’t do it justice to try and make my old wardrobe work. Plus I’d look like I was stuffed into a sausage casing!

I was cruising the mall after christmas searching for good sales on blouses and work dresses and I stumbled into the H&M maternity section and was AMAZED. Not only was I able to find flowy and comfortable tops and dresses, they were easy on the wallet. I found two wrap dresses that are perfect for nursing or pumping at work.

With my¬†first pregnancy I found it hard to justify maternity clothing because I thought I’d be done with them right away after the baby popped out but the truth is, I wasn’t fitting my pre-pregnancy jeans after the baby, and nor would I have wanted to! A zipper and button on your jeans digging into your shrinking uterus doesn’t sound like a fun time to me. You will want flowy, loose, and comfy during and after your pregnancy, I guarantee it. Maternity clothes last a lot longer than you’d expect so one should never feel guilty getting a few staple pieces to get you through.

At first I was embarrassed that I was going to buy maternity clothing after having a baby but you know what? Maternity clothes fit the female body so perfectly, bump or not.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces from H&M right now:

Back To Work After Baby - Dress That Post-Baby Body + H&M GIVEAWAY

| MAMA Top | MAMA Dress | Bag | MAMA Leggings |

Now it’s time for you to win a shopping spree at H&M! How would you like a brand new wardrobe just in time for spring? Enter below to win $250 to spend how ever you’d like! Good luck!!
H&M Giveaway


Prize: $250 H&M Gift Card

Co-hosts: The Relevance Report ‚ÄĘ Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog ‚ÄĘ The Fashion Stir Fry ‚ÄĘ Six One Six ‚ÄĘ Funky Jungle ‚ÄĘ A Labour of Life ‚ÄĘ To Be Bright ‚ÄĘ JooJoo Azad ‚ÄĘ Style on Main ‚ÄĘ ¬†Laura Jane Atelier

Giveaway organized by: Oh My Gosh Beck! (Please email with any questions.)

Rules: Use the Rafflecopter form to enter daily. Giveaway ends 4/30 and is open worldwide. Winner will be notified via email.

Are you a blogger who wants to participate in giveaways like these to grow your blog? Click here to find out how you can join a totally awesome group of bloggers!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Stephanie @ MommyzoidPS: I’ll be sharing this post on these blogs!


Green Your Routine Giveaway

Green Your Teen's Routine
Welcome to Maman Loup’s #GreenYourRoutine¬†Giveaway!
Lindsay at Maman Loup’s Den wants to help girls and women “green” their routines. Inspired by a magazine ad encouraging Moms to present their daughters with various disposable beauty products, Maman Loup found alternatives that contain¬†safer ingredients and, in many cases, are totally reusable. To find out more about how to green your routine, check out her full post!


Green Your Routine Prize Pack

You could win a $127 CAD Green Routine Prize Pack: 

РTwo (2) packages of 180-count Swisspers (affiliate link) cotton swabs ($6);

РOne (1) Radius (affiliate link) Source toothbrush with one replacement head ($10);

– One (1) package each of Radius Mint Floss and Cranberry Floss Sachet and Organic Silk Floss Sachet ($10);

– One (1) Size A Lily Cup by Intimina ($45);

– One (1) Cotton Candy Eco Cloth light reusable pad ($7);

– One (1) package of √Ėko Creations reusable makeup removal pads ($12);

– One (1) tube of Primal Pit Paste in Orange Creamsicle ($13);

РOne (1) wooden comb from Life Without Plastic (affiliate link) ($24).

Participating bloggers were not compensated for promoting this giveaway. For any questions, please contact Lindsay at mamanloupsden(at)gmail(dot)com.


Baby, Giveaway

Bring Back Bonnets – Giveaway

A baby in a bonnet — is there anything sweeter? Umm, I don’t think so. I don’t have a little girl to put a bonnet on but fortunately Iulia from Best Of Baby¬†does and she has reviewed these adorable bonnets by¬†Nora Bees Bonnets Etsy shop¬†and is letting my readers¬†get in on the giveaway. How sweet is that!? Go read her full review here.

Bring Back Bonnets - Giveaway

Bring Back Bonnets - Giveaway

Isn’t Iulia’s daughter gorgeous?

*Sigh* can you imagine a world where all baby girls wore bonnets like this?  #BringBackBonnets!

Nora Bees Bonnets is offering one special reader the chance to win a beautiful handmade bonnet from her shop. (But if you just NEED one now, especially with Easter around the corner, don’t wait until this giveaway is over…enter the giveaway, and then treat yo self!)

(Note:¬† Some bonnets have limited sizes…you may be required to choose a different bonnet if the bonnet you want is not available in the size you need.)

Good luck!!

Nora Bees Bonnets Giveaway