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My Post-Pregnancy To-Do List: Home Teeth Whitening + GIVEAWAY

Before kids, I loved doing my makeup, my teeth were always sparkly white and my hair was always nicely bleached. Once I transitioned into being a mom, I was either too depressed to keep up any of that stuff or there was just literally no time for it. Somewhere around 7 months pregnant with Elliot, I started thinking about the things that I wanted to make a priority after the pregnant, and one of them was my self-care. Self-care looks different to everyone and even to me, it can look different from day to day. I made myself a post-pregnancy to-do list for once the baby is born: I wanted to go back to being blonde, buy myself a bunch of new makeup, and get my teeth whitened. So when Smile Brilliant approached me to try out their custom teeth whitening system, I was beyond excited to knock something off this to-do list.

Need to whiten your teeth? Stick through until the end for all the giveaway details! 

When I was younger, I had braces for 5 years and it sucked. My teeth weren’t too crooked, they were just misaligned and it took forever to get them to where they needed to go. In the end, the midline could never be lined up on both the top and bottom. My dentist hooked me up with some custom trays to do whitening at home and it was quick and easy. But it cost an arm and a leg. Plus I had to go to the dentist to have the impressions made of my teeth so they could create the custom trays.

Smile Brilliant is the exact same product I received from my dentist, except there were no trips to the dentist. I was able to create my impressions at home, mail them off to Smile Brilliant’s lab and they sent me back the custom trays for me to start using. I was able to create my impressions quickly and easily while the kids slept. Guys, I didn’t even have to leave the house!

Once the custom trays arrived at my doorstep, it was time to start the whitening process.Within about 2 whitening sessions, I saw a noticeable difference in the color of my teeth. Yahoooo! Buh bye coffee stains, hello white teeth.

Since becoming a mom, my coffee intake has like, quadrupled, and so has the staining on my teeth. And let’s be honest, the coffee ain’t going anywhere. I’m going to keep drinking my coffee! But now I have my secret weapon to combat the coffee stains. and what a boost in confidence I have now that my teeth are whiter and brighter! Still have questions about teeth whitening?

How Much Is Teeth Whitening


Now for the fun part. Enter to win your very own custom home teeth whitening kit so you can get those pearly whites in tip-top shape. The winner will receive $139 store credit to*Giveaway open to UK, Australia, Canada, and USA residents*

If you just can’t wait, here’s a coupon code for 5% OFF: mommyzoid5



Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

PS: This post has been sponsored by Smile Brilliant. All opinions (and teeth!) are my own. Please read for disclosure policy for more information.


Spring Beauty Picks

I recently did a massive makeup purge, restocked my must haves and also picked up some new products that I am really loving. With the warmer months coming I wanted to add few key things to my beauty routine that are waterproof, light, and protective.

Here’s what I got:

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil

If I do nothing to my face, I at least do my brows, and boy what a difference! One end of this pen is the color, and it’s super light and easy to blend and build up. The other end is a spoolie so you can get that brush out your brows and blend the color in until it’s nice and soft.

Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream

When the weather heats up, I turn to a nice creamy foundation that’s light and has a good SPF in it to block out the sun’s harmful rays. This foundation is buildable, which I love, but one layer gives the perfect sheer coverage I like to have day to day.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

This is my first time trying this one, but I’ve tried lots of other mascaras by Benefit and none of them have disappointed. It’s good stuff!

Smashbox Always SharpWaterproof Kôhl Liner

I’ve been searching for an eyeliner that doesn’t rub off throughout the day. Once this one dries, it’s not going to budge. I went with gray because I wanted to try something a little different. I usually go for brown.

Dr Roebucks Face

A major part of my self-care routine is washing my face at night and putting on a nice moisturizer before jumping into bed. The smell of this one is so luxurious. I love how thick it is and how when I wake up, my skin feels nice a dewy and ready for the day.

Loreal Colorista Semi-Permanent Color

If you’re anything like me and DIY hair dyes scare the living daylights out of you, you’ll love this stuff. I think I’m going through a mid-twenties life crisis or maybe my rebellious stage is just really late! I have been having a blast putting in pops of colors into my hair. At least once this summer I want to do a whole head of this pink, because YOLO. and I’m on maternity leave!

See anything you want to try?!

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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Self-Care for Moms

If you’ve been following along with me through my second pregnancy and post-partum, you’ll know the general theme has been self-care. That has taken all kinds of forms from massage and chiropractor to a weekly group therapy session and exercising. Before becoming a mom, everything I did was self-care. My free time was filled with doing things that I enjoyed doing and I never had to schedule in “me-time”.

The notion of self-care may seem foreign to a new mom so she may need a little nudge in the right direction and Oh Mother Care Kits could be that nudge. Oh Mother Care Kits is a Canadian Subscription Box and the brain child of creator and curator Nicole Landry, a mom herself, who knows just how important self-care is for us moms and how a care package in the mail can make a new mom’s day week.

“I wanted the package to feel really personal, like every item was hand selected by a mom friend”

All the items in the kits are hand picked by Nicole. She says her goal is to have each package feel really personal, like every item was hand selected by a mom friend. Which is exactly how I felt when I opened my very own spring kit. Inside was filled with natural and fresh products from Canadian makers for me to pamper and spoil myself. Every item was just so pretty! I value attention to detail and I love pretty packaging. The fact that each item was visually pleasing was such a perk!  

I ran myself a nice warm bath and poured in the sea salts which filled the room with the most divine citrus scent you’ve ever encountered. I made myself a piping hot cup of tea that had rose petals in it and busted open a yummy sea salt chocolate bar that I didn’t have to share with anyone! I cranked my favorite tunes, turned out the light and soaked to my heart’s content. After my at-home spa session, I was busy searching out all the new brands I’d been introduced to through the Oh Mother Care Kits and seeing what other goodies they make. A lot of these artisan-made products I would never have found if it wasn’t for all Nicole’s hard work in searching out and testing market-fresh products from across the country!

Oh Mother Care Kits is the perfect gift for a mom friend or for yourself. There are three options: quarterly subscription, annual subscription or a single box. Nicole also filled me in on some exciting new one-off boxes she has planned like the New Mama Care Kit and the Soon To Be Mama Care Kit, which will be a little more tailored to the needs of a woman in that stage of the game.

It can seem a little strange at first to do these things for ourselves. We may feel like we are being selfish or neglecting our family. After all, as a mother, we constantly are putting others needs before our own. One of my favorite quotes sums up self-care perfectly: You can’t pour from an empty cup. Every time I have a pang of guilt for doing something for me, I whisper that little mantra to myself. I’m the best mom I can be when I take the time to take care of myself.

If you want to give Oh Mother Care Kits a try for yourself, Nicole has provided me with a coupon code to save 10% on your first kit. Use ZOID10 at checkout. Visit to get yours today!

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

PS: I was provided an Oh Mother Care Kit for the purposes of this blog post. View my full disclosure policy here.

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Say Goodbye to Ugly Nursing Bras

OK, so picture this: you’re going out for date night with the hubby for the first time since giving birth and you’re stoked to be back in a cute dress. But all your nursing bras are fugly and milk stained and sexy is not a feeling you get when you put them on. I hear ya, ladies. My selection of nursing bras was looking a little bleak, too.

Confession: I was rocking the same old nursing bras from TWO YEARS AGO. Guys, these bras are OLDER than my toddler. Ugh. So I think it goes without saying I was desperately in need of new nursing bras for this go around. I was approached by Hot Milk Lingerie and I am so thankful they sent me two of their amazing bras — the Forever Yours in Tigerlily and the Vitality in grey. Two amazingly comfortable bras. These bras are such good quality! You can really feel it in the material and the design. It just FITS. I’m not sure what took me so long to get myself into a really good quality nursing bra. It’s such an important time to be taking care of your breasts, too. Plus these boobs are housing my son’s food. I would wrap them in solid gold, if I could!

Speaking of fit, this is the first time I’ve ordered a bra online so thank god for their fit guide!

I’m so stoked that Hot Milk Lingerie has offered to give one of my lucky readers their own Forever Yours bra in Tigerlily. Hop over to Instagram and make sure you follow me (@mommyzoid), Hot Milk Lingerie (@hotmilklingerie), like the photo on my Instagram and tag some mom friends to let them know about the giveaway! That’s it!

And once you win you’ll be able to rock that first post-partum date night in style. Or look #OnFleek when you’re lounging with your littlest bae.

Now, what are you waiting for, GO ENTER!?!

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

PS: This post is sponsored by Hot Milk Lingerie. Please see my full disclosure policy here.



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Breastmilk Supply Increasing Smoothie

Breastmilk Supply Increasing Smoothie | Mommyzoid

Elliot has arrived! Just one week ago our boy decided it was time to enter the world. Our entire family is just in love with this little bean and it’s as if he’s always been here in our lives! It feels perfect and we feel complete. What also feels perfect and complete? Our breastfeeding relationship is getting off on the right foot, which is such a surprise for us. I was really expecting it to go south real quick. You can read about the issues I had with my first-born here.

Maybe it’s because I prepared for the worst case scenario. I had the number for a local lactation consultant pre-programmed into my phone and had even hired a doula to come check on me in the days following delivery to make sure my latch was looking OK and assess his latch. I also had alerted every health care professional that our child will likely have a tongue and/or lip-tie like our first-born did. I have been making everyone we encounter, including our baby chiropractor, check his little mouth and give us their opinion on the state of his mouth/our latch.

One way I’ve been ensuring things stay on this smooth course has been to keep my supply as high as it can be. Growth spurts are nasty and I’m already preparing for them by building my supply up with proper nutrition. I love my morning smoothie and after I have one I feel like I’ve given my body the best start I can for the day. Here’s my go-to recipe:

Throw all that in the blender until it’s the consistency you like, adding more milk or ice until it’s the way you like it.


I tend to make mine thick like ice cream and it legit tastes like a treat. When I’m craving something sweet, this is also a great alternative to a sugar-laden snack.

Let me know if you try this recipe or if you have something similar to this that helps keep your supply where it needs to be.

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

PS: This post contains affiliate links. See my full disclosure policy here.


Quick & Easy Holiday Appetizers

Quick & Easy Holiday Appetizers

New Year’s Eve is the last stop on the holiday party train and lets face it — we’re DONE with cooking, prep and clean up. I’ve compiled a bunch of quick and easy appetizers that you can throw together at the last minute. All these posts were shared with the Ladies Collective Linkup, a spot where other bloggers come and share what they’ve been up:

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Pumpkin Cranberry Bites – Just Us Four

Chipotle Lime Edamames – Dizzy Busy & Hungry

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Cranberry Cheesecake Dip – Hello Nature

Bacon Wrapped Dates – Honey & Birch

Quick & Easy Holiday Appetizers | Mommyzoid

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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Christmas Gifts Women Actually Want

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

I’ll be the first to admit — I’m hard to buy for. But if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know there is pretty much one company you can buy from that has something I’ll be in love with. And that’s Stella & Dot. I’m so in love with each of their designs. I can actually wear their pieces day to night and they go with everything. Here are a few of my faves this holiday season or as I like to to think of them, “Gifts Women Actually Want”:

Stella & Dot Icon Watch with gold bezel

I literally wear my Icon Watch every single day. I love that each watch comes with two different bezels so you can change the color of the metal on the face. The straps are also changeable! I have a feeling we are going to see new strap colors next season.

Stella & Dot Necklace and earrings

The earrings are part of  The Starburst Ear Jacket set! You can add the detachable bling to the back for even MORE festive sparkle or take them off. The set also comes with a pair of pearls. Such a great price for so many looks! The necklace is from the Sutton, another versatile piece that can be customized for several different looks!

Stella & Dot Clutch, pendant, and earring

The Legend Pendant is one of my staple pieces. I wear this to work, with a t-shirt to the library or even out for dinner with my husband. I love the stone!

Stella & Dot trio of gold earrings

The Aurora Stud Pack is SUCH good value! They add just a hint of sparkle for any occasion. The perfect stocking stuffer.

There you have it. This is just the tip of the Stella & Dot iceberg. I’m OBSESSED. & I’m not even a Stylist!

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid


Easy Custom Holiday Cards

Custom holiday and Christmas made simple with Minted
//Watch by Stella & Dot//

Every year around November I get the desire to send out Christmas cards to all our friends and family. A lovely gesture to say, “we’re thinking of you”.

Every year I have every intention of getting cards off before November 15th….then the 30th rolls around and I haven’t even started them and then we’re well into December and I’ve most definitely given up. It happens every year!

But not this year.

Enter Minted. It couldn’t have been easier. My husband and I sat down with photos from our son’s 1st birthday photoshoot and put together the most amazing photo cards using Minted’s online customization platform. We were able to pick from so many designs all created by independent designers! We chose a lot of gold foil because I’ve been having a lot affair with gold. The goal was to make these cards a piece that can hangout on the fridge, a piece that the receiver wants to share.

Custom holiday and Christmas made simple with Minted

A few years in a row I managed to get the cards written and in envelopes but when it came to addressing them I just didn’t bother and they sat there until Christmas passed. How embarrassing, right? Minted makes it so easy. We literally uploaded an Excel Spreadsheet and it did all the work for us. and a beautiful job at that! I think our friends and family will think it’s a fancy wedding invitation until they see it’s from us. Then they’ll think we are announcing another baby. NOPE. We like to keep ya guessing!

Custom holiday and Christmas made simple with Minted

Custom holiday and Christmas made simple with Minted


Custom holiday and Christmas made simple with Minted

I am so busy these days with being back to work and going back to school part-time online plus the blog… it’s hard to keep up with much else. Literally all we have to do is put the stamps on our envelopes and mail them! It couldn’t be easier. Or prettier!

*Minted provided me with these custom reviews in return for my honest opinion. Please view my full disclosure here*

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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I’m Not Sorry I Chose My Career

Working mom explains why she isn't sorry she chose her career

When my son was first born the idea of going back to work was laughable. There was no way I’d ever leave my little new born, are you crazy? He needed me!

But as the weeks and months rolled on, I started to learn more about my little baby Oliver and I learned even more about myself. We would go to playgroups and he enjoyed being with the other kids. He would crawl away from me and be as happy as a clam. He didn’t freak out when I’d leave his side. He would stop, look at me and smile and wave and that told me, “I got this mom, I’m good!”.

I also learned that as much as I don’t want to miss a thing that happens in my sons little world, I also need my own world away from the home and my beautiful family. And you know what? I’m not sorry about that and I don’t feel selfish. For so long I felt so ashamed that I was choosing to go back to work and have my son go to daycare. Because that’s the thing…it was a choice. I was lucky enough to have the option to stay home and care for my family full-time. Instead I chose to go back to work.

When friends ask me how it’s going being back to work with a sympathetic look on their face, I don’t know what to tell them. I love what I do and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m able to provide Oliver with a really amazing care provider who feeds hims amazing foods, teaches him about his feelings and caring for others. I’m also able to provide my family with some extra financial stability which feels amazing, especially after a year of maternity leave. As well, I get to be apart of a wonderful organization doing meaningful work that I am really proud of and to top it all off work toward a fulfilling career that will last well beyond my children’s infancy.

I’m really proud of my decision and how well me working outside the home is working for our family. If Oliver wasn’t thriving at daycare or didn’t enjoy where he was it would be a completely different story, but right now this works for us.

My advice for any moms who have a decision to make is to think about every aspect. Think about the here and now but also think about the future. Figure out what you want your life to look like in a month, in a year and several years down the road and even into retirement years! And most importantly use your heart. What does your heart tell you?

If you have any questions or fears about heading back to work or just want to chat please reach out to me and we can chat.

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid
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How We Make Out Of Town Business Work For Our Family

How We Make Out Of Town Business Work For Our Family I’ve been on the road for work a lot lately and it’s been such an adjustment for the whole family. I think it’s weirdest for my husband, oddly enough. He’s in the military so it’s usually him packing his big stupid green bag and heading down to the big stupid boats and going away for a stupid amount of time. So when it’s me packing my bags and hitting the road, I think he can’t help but be a little bit sad!     I thought I’d share some of the ways we make it wall work. It’s not easy having parents who travel for work and the goal is to make it as smooth as possible for our little one.  Google Hangouts! But not too much! Our son is 16 months so he doesn’t quite understand why one of us is in the computer and why we can’t play with him. We tend to limit the time we chat to about 15 minutes where he smiles and says “MAW MAW” and signs mom. It can just be too much for him so we like to limit it. When I’m away I always have internet access at the hotel in the evenings so we like to do a Hangout at dinner time so it feels like I’m there and he’s distracted by food.  Family time before & after. The few days leading up to one of us leaving and the few days following are jam packed with family time. We go to the park, we go on an adventure, we go to the swimming pool… we cram as much family time in as we can. Making those memories are so important. They help us all get through the hard times. Have empathy for each other. My husband and I both go away for work some times so we have both been on either side so it’s really easy to understand what the other is going through. When I’m lonely and miss my family when I’m alone in a hotel room I remind myself how tired and overwhelmed I felt when my husband was away to sea. I can understand how he might be feeling and that is so important. Keep routines. We are pretty rigid when it comes to our routines – it’s so important for us, especially when one of us is away. If we stick to our routines it will be less of a shock for our little guy. I’m the worst when it comes to breaking routines when Daddy’s away, though! I love to bring Oliver in bed with me as soon as he makes a peep where Dad is pretty good about getting him back to sleep in his own bed. Be flexible. Although routines are a god send, being flexible and understanding that things will go back to normal once the other parent is home is so important. I’m not hard on myself when I end up bringing Ollie to bed with me. It’s not going to have long term damage to our sleep if we share some well deserved cuddles! I tend to be hard on myself about breaking routines but most of the time it’s out of necessity.      

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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