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Fizzy Iced Coffee

Fizzy Iced Coffee | Mommyzoid

A few weeks ago I was drinking a hot coffee while on a walk with the kids and I remembered that it’s iced coffee season, FINALLY. I’ve really upped my game this year, too. We have a Soda Stream that we use just to fizz our water. We’ve never used it to make our own pop or anything, just fizzy water. I know, we are so plain.

Anyways I was at one of my favorite local shops and I picked up a bottle of Low Point Coffee Co. Cold Brew Concentrate. I had the amazing idea to not just add regular water or milk. BUT FIZZY WATER!!

I was hesitant to try it at first. The thought of fizzy coffee seemed so wrong, but friends… it’s so right!

This just elevated my nap time iced coffee session to a whole new level.


Here’s what I do:

Grab a glass and fill it up with ice.

Pour 1/4 of a cup of the cold brew concentrate over the ice and then fill the remainder of the glass up with fizzy water. I use carbonated water that I make with my SodaStream, but you could use any kind of sparkling water or tonic water.

Then I take a taste test and add in more concentrate if it needs it. Or more fizzy water if it needs it!

It’s potent stuff, so go easy! A little goes a long way.


Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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8 Ways To Maximize Your Sunday

8 Ways To Maximize Your Sunday | Mommyzoid

We’ve all seen the quote:

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content

But how the heck can us moms maximize our Sundays so our weeks can start on the right foot?

  1. On Sundays, I meal plan & meal prep. I start brainstorming by going through the cupboards and seeing what we have and what we need to use up. I ask the family what they feel like having that week for dinners. It’s great when my toddler tells us what he wants because then he’s excited to have the meal he asked for!
  2. I start prepping whatever I can ahead of time. I like to make up a big greek salad or a nice roasted veggie orzo pasta. A salad that keeps well in the fridge is great for the first half of the week.
  3. I make up a batch of muffins and fill them with flax, hemp hearts, and loads of frozen fruits.
  4. I fill 5 mason jars with all the dry ingredients I put into my overnight oats. Then the night before, I fill it up with almond milk so it’s ready the next morning when I wake up.
  5. Fill the coffee maker up the night before so I just have to hit start! The faster I can get my coffee, the better!
  6. Crock pot meals are a life saver. I like to cut up all the veggies and throw in the meat with all the spices the night before. Then in the morning all I have to do is grab the crock pot from the fridge and turn it on low for the day.
  7. Sunday is the day I earmark for laundry! I do the sheets and all MY clothes. For some reason, my clothes are the lowest on the priority list now! Making sure I have clean clothes for the week ahead is pretty essential. Here’s my go-to AFFORDABLE yoga pants and my fave nursing tees! Perfect for momming around!
  8. Cleaning the bathrooms and giving the kitchen a nice deep clean help set the tone for the rest of the week. I find it easier to spot clean throughout the week if I start the week off with a nice clean slate, so to speak.

8 Ways To Maximize Your Sunday | Mommyzoid

These little tips and tricks are working for me lately, but I’m always down for learning more ways to keep my family on track! Leave me a comment and let me know what you do to keep your weeks running smooth!

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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3 Easy Toddler-Friendly Popsicle Recipes

Healthy popsicle recipes that are sure to delight everyone this summer! Perfect for toddlers and teething babies, but still yummy enough for mama!

I’ve always loved giving my toddler smoothies. They are such a wicked way to make sure they get all their fruits (& veggies, too!) without them even realizing it! Plus we always have lots of fun creating new flavors and Oliver loves having a say in what we throw into the blender. With the warmer months coming (I swear they are coming!) I see lots of smoothies in our future. But another fun way to have our smoothies is frozen in popsicle molds! YUM!

Another fun way to have our smoothies is frozen in popsicle molds! YUM! Jam packed with fruit and real ingredients, these are some of our favorite popsicle recipes that are sure to cool you down in the hot sunshine. My advice is to have these outside, because of the STICKY MESS! Our popsicles are reserved for an afternoon hangout on the front porch or a post-park treat on the deck.

I’m also going to be busy making these to have on hand for Elliot who will be able to start baby-led weaning in June when he’s 6 months old! He’s also teething like crazy so it will be a yummy way to soothe those little gums while getting some nutrients and cooling down.

Chocolate Fudge

1 Cup of yogurt 

1 Scoop of Chocolate Protein powder

1 TBSP of Peanut Butter

Mix everything up in a bowl using a spoon until it’s a pudding consistency. Scoop mixture into a popsicle mold. This recipe makes about one popsicle in the molds I have, which are on the larger size. Freeze in the freezer for 4 – 6 hours.

Pineapple Coconut

1/2 Cup of Frozen Coconut

1/2 Cup of Frozen Pineapple 

1 Cup of Coconut Almond Milk 

1 TBSP of honey (optional)

Blend in blender until nice and smooth and then pour into a popsicle mold. This recipe makes about one popsicle in the molds I have, which are on the larger side. Freeze in the freezer for 4 – 6 hours.


Mixed Berry

1 Cup of mixed berries (I use a mix of blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries)

1 Cup of Coconut Almond Milk

1 TBSP of honey (optional)

Blend in blender until nice and smooth and then pour into a popsicle mold. This recipe makes about one popsicle in the molds I have, which are on the larger side. Freeze in the freezer for 4 – 6 hours.

If you try one of our favorite popsicle recipes, make sure to let us know! Tag me on Instagram so I can see what you made. and if you discover a fun new concoction, let me know! I want to try making as many new recipes this summer as we can!

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

PS: This post contains affiliate links. Please see full disclosure policy here.

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A Manageable Spring Cleaning Schedule

Spring Cleaning | Mommyzoid

This spring, I’m a mom of two, which means I have more kids than I have time. Instead of beating myself up about not getting all my spring cleaning done in the span of a day or two, I’m breaking it up into manageable chunks. Here’s how!

My day is broken up by nap times and feedings, so I thought instead of trying to fight this, I’ll use it to my advantage. Instead of plowing through spring cleaning, I’m taking my time and making a plan of action.writtenwriten out my nap time goals and I’ve given myself one goal per day and if it takes me all day, that’s A-Ok, because I’ve planned my time out accordingly. This will keep me from feeling frustrated with myself and keep things in perspective. My days are already full, what with keeping the kids alive and all. I like to remind myself that everything else is a bonus!

Monday: Dressers & Closets

I sort things into four piles: Garbage, Donations, Consignment & keep. And I’m ruthless. I am someone who keeps E V E R Y T H I N G, so this can be an extremely tedious task for me. What makes this process easier is knowing the majority of our things will be donated to a local charity. We also have a great baby, kids & maternity consignment store in Halifax where we are able to take our stuff and use those funds to purchase fresh new finds. I’ve picked up kids Toms and so many lovely name brand maternity and nursing dresses from there. I bag up our garbage, donations and our stuff for the consignment store and throw it all in separate GLAD Easy Tie garbage bags and load them into the trunk of the car and take them to their new home. Heavy duty bags are best for this job because I’ve definitely split a few bags in the parking lot of the goodwill. Not fun.

Tuesday: Kitchen

I pull everything out of the fridge and give it all a wipe down. I also pull each shelf and drawer out and wash it with hot soapy water. It’s amazing the kinds of gross stuff you’ll find. I also like to pull everything out of the pantry and take stock of what we have and reorganize it. Over time, things get shuffled and it just doesn’t make sense anymore. This is also a great way to rotate some older things you might have forgot you had. I also like to spend some time disinfecting each cabinet and every handle with Clorox Disinfecting Wipes. This is one of my favorite products, especially for the really nasty stuff, because you just toss the wipes when you’re finished. We always have this on hand, especially during cold & flu season. ICK.

Spring Cleaning | Mommyzoid

Wednesday: Bathrooms

Not sure why we bought a house with four bathrooms, but we did, and now we have to keep all four of them clean! UGH. A deep clean can really keep things sparkly. I love to give the showers a nice deep clean and get into the corners and into the grout with an old toothbrush. This is also a great time to clean out the drains. I know, ICK. But trust me, it doesn’t have to be nasty. Liquid-Plumr Hair Clog Eliminator is easy to use and you don’t even have to touch anything gross. I remember as a kid I would watch my mom open up the sink trap and dig out all the gross stuff blocking the pipes. This is definitely a better way to get the job done!

Thursday: Carpets & Baseboards

I usually give the carpets a once-over every few weeks, but once every few months I like to move things out from the wall like beds and dressers and get to those spaces that you just can’t usually reach. This is also the time when I like to get down on ground and wash the baseboard mouldings. These can get unbelievably dusty and you know what? I never notice they are dusty until the spring sunshine streams in like a spotlight!

Friday: Walls, Windows & Picture Frames/Decor

OK, the hand prints. Again, you don’t notice them until the sunshine streams in and highlights everything. I like to take a cloth with hot soapy water and pretty much go around the house from about 3 ft up the walls down, and look for hand prints, smears of jam and god knows what else. Toddlers are wonderful, aren’t they? We take our screens out of our windows in the fall, so before we put them back in, we give the glass and window casings a good cleaning. I also attack all the picture frames and decor and make sure there is no dust hanging around.

Saturday: Garage/Storage Room

I save this for the weekend so it can be a family affair. We open the garage door, throw on some tunes and start sorting. Anything you haven’t touched in over a year, consider getting rid of it. Again, donating is such a super way to lighten the load and also give back to your community. I also like to give a good sweep and a suck with a shop vacuum. I’m always blown away by the amount of the leaves that get blown into the garage over the course of the fall and winter! There’s also so much gravel and salt that gets tracked in on the car and it feels good to get them all up off the ground! Nothing worse than walking in the garage with bare feet and stepping on rocks. OUCH!

Sunday: Your Choice!

Anything you forgot or want to give a little extra love? Sunday is the day! Maybe you want to tackle your closet AGAIN. With a fresh set of eyes, you might find a few more socks or old T’s you really could stand to part with.

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

PS: This post has been sponsored by Clorox, but all opinions and advice are my own! Please read my full disclosure policy here.

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No-Bake Chocolate Protein Cups

Most days (read: every day) I feel like I deserve some chocolate. Momming is hard work and sometimes you may even need a little chocolate for breakfast because you woke up at the crack of dawn to change someone’s diaper. But the truth is, I never have actual chocolate in the house. But I always have chocolate protein powder in the house.

No-Bake Chocolate Protein Cups

When I’m craving something sweet, I turn to my favorite chocolate protein powder. I’ve been experimenting with protein powder lately to create some satisfying treats that help curb my sweet tooth, which always hits right before bed or when I’m up in the night with the baby. Having something quick and sweet is key in these moments of dream-like hunger!

Enter this little concoction I dreamt up one night when I was wishing we had some chocolate. It’s so simple to make and really easy to play around with to change the flavors! Enough chatting, here’s the recipe:

5 tablespoons of coconut Oil

1/4 cup of peanut butter (any nut butter, smooth…crunchy. It’s all good!)

1/4 cup of maple syrup (or honey, or agave)

1 scoop of protein powder (this is what I use)(cocoa powder would work too!)

1 teaspoon of vanilla

1 cup of large flake oats

In a small saucepan on low to medium, melt the coconut oil and add the peanut butter, maple syrup, protein powder and vanilla. Mix with a spatula until everything is nice and blended. Take your cup of oats and pour into a large bowl and then add your mixture from the saucepan to the oats, mixing as you slowly pour. Once the oats are nice and evenly coated, divide the mixture up into silicone muffin cups. With the spatula, pack the mixture down firmly into the cup. Pop muffin cups into the freezer for about 30 minutes to firm up. When they’ve set up, you can pop them out of the muffin cups and enjoy!

They go really well with coffee at 6:00 am on a Monday! They are pretty goof proof. You can really play around with the recipe, add nuts, seeds, shredded coconut, dried cranberries… really, you can customize it to whatever craving you’re having that night. The best part is there is nothing in them that I wouldn’t put in a smoothie or in a bowl of oatmeal!

If you give them a go, make sure to let me know how you like them! I would be so bold as to describe them as reminiscent of a healthy Reeses Peanut Butter cup.

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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Upcycled Flower Pot

As much as I love cute packaging, I try to avoid packaging that has to be thrown out as much as possible. That’s why as soon as I saw this In The Loo kit at Saje and the cute wood box the products came in, I knew the packaging would have a life beyond just bringing my new products home. I could already see this little pine box in my living room as a flower pot.

All you will need for this project is a sheet of sandpaper, that’s it!

All you’re going to do is sand off the logo and product name using your sandpaper. I was worried the sawdust with the ink on it would stain the box so I kept blowing the dust off into the garbage as I went so I didn’t grind the ink back into the pine. 

Once I got all the ink sanded off the wood I took a lint free cloth (dish towel will work!) and gave it a wipe. That’s it!

Do you ever walk into a store that smells amazing and you wish you could just bottle that scent and bring it home with you? Basically, that’s me every time I walk into or passed Saje Natural Wellness, except you can bring home the smell of the store. That’s literally the whole idea!

Make sure you connect with me on Instagram and if you do a project like this, make sure to tag me in it! I’d love to see what your creative brain is up to!

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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Modern Easter Wreath

Easter is definitely a favorite holiday of mine. I mean, chocolate and baby animals? What’s not to love!? I love the challenge of decorating for a fun holiday like Easter and still trying to keep my home looking classy and sophisticated. My Easter decor this year really blends into my home and is completely my style and on trend. My goal with this project was to create a really fun Easter wreath that is festive while still staying true to my home’s decor style.

I wanted to do soft pastel eggs and Fusions Mineral Paint’s line of nursery inspired colors was perfect for the job. I also wanted to incorporate either some succulents and moss or some dried flowers. I ended up opting for dried Eucalyptus from the craft store because the scent is DEVINE!

Last year when I did my faux marble Eggs, I went with real eggs, but this year I saved myself the trouble and picked up some eggs from the craft store that have almost a cardboard outside that the paint sticks too easily. This was such a time saver and would be perfect for egg decorating with the kids! No broken eggs!

Modern Easter Wreath | Mommyzoid

A pro-Easter egg painting tip is cutting up a toilet paper roll to set the eggs on while you paint them and while they dry. Trust me.

Modern Easter Wreath | Mommyzoid

I did two coats of paint on each of my eggs.Once the eggs were dry (which took no time at all), I trimmed my eucalyptus to the size I wanted. I only did two sprigs because I wanted a really minimalist look for my wreath. I used my trusty glue gun to tack the eucalyptus in place. Then I started sticking my eggs into place.

Modern Easter Wreath | Mommyzoid

Modern Easter Wreath | Mommyzoid

Instead of putting this wreath on the outside of the door, I opted to place it on the wall in our foyer so I can enjoy it every time I come down the stairs into the kitchen!

Modern Easter Wreath | Mommyzoid

Still looking for more Easter egg inspiration? Last year I did these faux marble eggs and they are still super duper on trend!

Now on to the Blog Hop! Hop on over and check out all the wonderful ideas from my bloggy friends! If you’re in a jam for some last minute Easter decor, look no further.

East Coast Mom Media Blog Hop

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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Photography, Florals & Friendship

Photography, Florals and Friendship | Mommyzoid

I’ll be honest with you, blogging is a pretty solitary hobby. Which, for me, is one of the main draws. It’s something I can do once the kids are asleep or in small pockets of time throughout the day. It’s how I unwind. But when you have the opportunity to connect with other bloggers in your local community, what was once lonely becomes extremely validating and energizing.

Here in Halifax, a group of bloggers decided to band together and create a space online to meet, chat, ask questions and compare notes. We were all off in our own pockets of the web creating and finding our way, and realized we would be much better off if we to bounced ideas off of each other and helped each other out. Basically, if blogging was a 9-5 office job, this place was our lunch room.

The girls that manage ECM Media have set out to help build us all up, because when one of us succeeds, we all succeed. They organized a Photography & Florals workshop for us to attend in the heart of the North End of Halifax at Dean’s Flowers. Holly from Dean’s Flowers invited us into the studio space and taught as all how to put together a simple flower arrangement. I’m a little clueless when it comes to flower arrangements and I usually just cut off the ends on an angle and stick ’em in a jug of water and call it a day. Did you know florists use this special waterproof tape and make a grid on the top of the vase so each step stays put? I had no idea. This was a genius tip! Dean’s Flowers has been in business since 1919, so I’d say they know a thing or two about flowers!

Photography, Florals and Friendship | Mommyzoid

Thanks to Fujifilm, we were lucky enough to have Matt Corkum of Fade to White Photography come and teach us some tips and tricks on photographing our arrangements, although the principles he taught can be used no matter what you’re photographing. Matt teaches photography at Nova Scotia Community College, which is the same college I studied Radio & Television. The principles used to light a set in TV and light a subject for photography are the same, but he taught us some neat trade secrets for lighting for photography that you couldn’t get away with on TV, like for instance when doing a headshot, the light is extremely close to the subjects face, like right outside the frame!

Another big takeaway for me was getting the settings on my camera right and lighting the subject well when you’re taking the photo instead of trying to fix it in an editing software. I love my photos to look as natural and close to real life as possible, so this is really important for my work.

Photography, Florals and Friendship | Mommyzoid

Matt gave us a little tour of the kind of basic gear that will make our lives easier as bloggers, like this collapsible 5-in-1 reflector disc for bouncing a little light onto the subject. He also showed us the new Fujifilm X-A3 camera! It’s an awesome camera at a really affordable price point. I love the vintage look of it and bonus, it comes in a pink option! HOW CUTE!

The biggest thing I took away from this workshop is how important it is to have a community, no matter what your industry! Being around people who just “get” you is so important. You know you’re in a safe place when you can take a selfie with a Gerber Daisy and you won’t be judged because you look around and everyone else is doing the same thing! I love this little community and I am so thankful to have it. Big things are happening here on the east coast of Canada.

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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Spring Home Tour

Spring has to be my absolute favorite time of year because of all the new-ness all around us. But you know what isn’t new? This snow. As I was decorating my home for spring I could literally hear a snow plow pushing snow off my street and that all too familiar scrape of shovel on the driveway. Not only do I need spring to come to thaw out the world around us but I am craving the warmth the sun brings into my body and mind. Going to the park with nothing on but sandals and a light sweater and jeans? Pure bliss!

I’ve been wanting to start decorating for spring since I packed up all the Christmas decorations in early January. It’s been all I could do to hold off until now. The best part about waiting is all the sales. It blows my mind that there are literally spring and easter things on sale in March.

My decorations from Michaels were all 40% and the best part is I bought nothing that’s truly seasonal! I plan to add everything I got on sale into my decor repertoire. These little moss rocks will likely be making all kinds of appearances over the next little while! Also that galvanized pail? I snagged it on sale for $20!

K, I’ll stop talking now. To the tour!

Spring Home Tour | Mommyzoid Spring Home Tour | Mommyzoid Spring Home Tour | MommyzoidSpring Home Tour | MommyzoidSpring Home Tour | Mommyzoid Spring Home Tour | MommyzoidSpring Home Tour | Mommyzoid Spring Home Tour | MommyzoidSpring Home Tour | Mommyzoid Spring Home Tour | Mommyzoid Spring Home Tour | Mommyzoid Spring Home Tour | Mommyzoid Spring Home Tour | MommyzoidSpring Home Tour | Mommyzoid

Spring Home Tour | Mommyzoid

Thanks so much for coming on a snoop around my house! I’m so glad I got to share my spring decor with you!

Here’are a few of the pieces from the tour:

Polka Dot Vase // Polka Dot Vase // Dining Room Chairs // Bee Glasses

Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

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DIY Bok Choy Stamps

Make your own DIY stamps with Baby Bok Choy ends before you toss them in the compost! 

Mother nature sure does make some beautiful things, doesn’t she? I was making dinner one night and I cut the ends off Baby Bok Choy and thought they would make the perfect shape of a rose if used as a stamp! No sooner were the dinner dishes cleared from the table and replaced by my paints. I was determined to make something pretty with these Bok Choy ends before tossing them in the compost.

Here’s what you’ll need:

I started by creating a background of Little Lamb and Little Speckled frog from fusions Tones for Tots line. Once that was dry, I painted my Bok Choy ends with a generous amount of Little Piggy and got to stamping. I re-coated my stamp between each time I used it so each flower was nice and full and stood off the page.

Once that was dry I hung it up on this nifty little picture hanger I made. I think it gives our living room the perfect pop of spring. Which we most certainly could use right about now, let me tell you!

Have you ever made stamps from vegetables or something unconventional? In grade school, I recall carving potatoes into stamps. It’s so much fun to create art using natural things. In this case, these were just going to be tossed in the compost. It’s such a fun project to do with kids, too! Happy stamping!


Stephanie @ Mommyzoid

PS: I was sent these paints as samples from Fusion Mineral Paint. Read my full disclosure policy here.